Angels and Demons... and Kigurumi

No. Nope. Absolutely not.

These are the final words muttered by Gabriel as Vignette finally pins her down in desperation. What for you ask? Why none other than to make her wear a kigurumi!

Vignette finally pins her down in to wear a kigurumi

"Raphie, I want to make her wear something cute. Will you help me here?"

Halloween happens to be just around the corner for their daily lives. Of course, what episode of Gabriel DropOut (ガヴリールドロップアウト) would it be if it didn't try to make the best out of episode six's last segment? After all, Vignette, the mastermind of the festive plan, Raphiel, and most especially Satania are in high spirits to celebrate the yearly Trick or Treat event.

Gabriel, in her usual slovenly self, adamantly refuses to join in with a prepared costume. Thus, Vignette had no choice but to use her trump card.

Cat kigurumi anime poker face

"I feel like only mine's thematically different. Not that I'm asking for another."

Which, as already mentioned,  is to make her wear a suspiciously familiar cat kigurumi. Technically, Vignette describes it as a bakeneko kigurumi, but since it almost perfectly resembles another kigurumi that we know, we shall instead refer to it simply as a cat kigurumi.

Now, making a character that has napping as one of her best pastimes wear a cat kigurumi pajama of all things really makes the idea go full circle. But hey, we are not about to complain since we have this perfectly panoramic sample of her full regalia:

Cat kigurumi in a scene in anime

Not too long after their Halloween celebration, presumably a month after, we then see yet another kigurumi that was brought by careful scheming secret planning.

This time, it's the person whom scheming secret planning is somewhat of a typical specialty: Raphiel. Much to Vignette's chagrin, Satania was subjected to wear the seasonal and obligatory reindeer kigurumi. Yes, nose, horns and all.

Santania with her raindeer kigurumi

"Raphiel definitely looks more like the main character with our costumes here."

Satania, for her part, didn't actually want to celebrate Christmas in the first place. She's been yapping about being against the occasion on the phone just a few moments ago. But, with a bit of guile, and some hypnotizing expert convincing by Raphiel, she was eventually made to agree to wear the kigurumi.

santania full raindeer kigurumi feeling excited for christmas

"Christmas, you see, is the time when presents are given to good children."

Of course, there's a panoramic shot of Satania's reindeer kigurumi as well.

santania in her full raindeer kigurumi

As a bonus, Vignette also briefly appears wearing her own bear kigurumi, courtesy of Raphiel once again. This time, she attempts a failed pun with the kigurumi, something that Vignette visibly wasn't so amused to hear.

animal kigurumi interacting with her friend

"Um...what's this?" "A, kuma bear. A-kuma! Get it?"

While Gabriel DropOut isn't the funniest or most interesting anime of its genre, it did try to bring good, light-hearted moments full of mischief and misdirection. At times, it even escalated into dramatic "feels" moments, yet without the sensation that it is out of place for this series.

Though to be honest, it feels like Satania usually tend to steal most of the interesting interaction moments of the show, with her family-inherited over the top demeanor.

Cat kigurumi with her friends waiting

"Whose place is this?" "You'll know soon enough."

Its kigurumi moments, of course, is a point that is still well-contested between her and Gabriel.