Shattered Expectations of a Kigurumi Fantasy

Doubling down on the Halloween theme, we have another angel that's right around the corner to spice up the occasion with some kigurumi.

animal kigurumi posing

"I'm gonna eat you up, Big Sis. Rawr."

And by "angel", this time we mean Miyako Hoshino's angel, Hana Shirosaki. Well, technically the rest of the kids were angels in a particular school festival stage play. But Hana is definitely special to Miyako, confirmed with a personal declaration as far back as the first episode.

While Miyako's introverted tendencies make her mentally exhausted just by the idea of celebrating Halloween, she quickly changes her mind when she realized that this is also the time where you can cosplay don all sorts of costumes to do Trick or Treat. Thus with this idea in mind, her thoughts rapidly raced towards the idea of Hana wearing her Halloween costume.

"Taking time? She must have put a lot of effort in the costume she chose!"

There was one itsy bitsy problem though. Miyako was never told by the kids what they are going to wear. So the next best thing was her to fantasize about everything that Hana might choose to wear. Starting with a dog kigurumi onesie, then a witch, a demon, then finally thoughts about a fairy costume.

pumpkin kigurumi eating a snack

*cute munching noises*

Before she gets carried away with her thoughts, the doorbell chimed with the Matsumoto sisters at the front door. Bonus points here for the younger sister Yuu to wear a kid-version (infant-version?) pumpkin kigurumi!

dog kigurumi with her friends taking a group picture

"Trick or Treat!"

When the kids finally arrived to do Trick or Treat, we are then "treated" to pretty much the costumes Miyako was fantasizing, but worn by different characters.

Hinata gets the accessorized dog kigurumi onesie, Noa dons the devil costume, and Kanon takes the witch getup.

cat kigurumi getting excited

Koyori, however, decided to wear a somewhat uniquely designed bat kigurumi, specifically a vampire bat-themed one. In fact, the design seems peculiarly specific, almost like that of an in-universe licensed character.

raven kigurumi feeling excited with her coolness
raven kigurumi hugging a friend

But probably not though, as we hear very shortly after that Kanon, with some negligible assistance from Koyori, designed and made both their costumes.

So what did Hana actually wear in the end?

animal kigurumi having a conversation


Yup, a zombie version Higero, the actual in-universe licensed character of Wataten. Well, Miyako should probably have seen this coming already, judging from Hana's oddly unique personal tastes in entertainment and fashion.

Besides, in all terminology-based technicality, that would still actually count as a kigurumi. The mascot type at least.

From the makers of kigurumi cafe, tomato kigurumi, and even that other angelic (plus demonic) kigurumi, anime studio Doga Kobo sure has a thing for making kigurumi appear at least once on most of their slice-of-life comedy series. Wataten!: An Angel Flew Down to Me! (私に天使が舞い降りた!) seems to be no different, giving us a triple treat of kigurumi at the right time and at the right occasion.

And that was all without the assistance of the one, single person in the series who actually specializes in making cosplay stuff.

"Miyako, Miyako, Miyako, Miyako..."

No. Definitely not her.