The Desire to Dress Cuter Inevitably Ends in a Kigurumi

Wanting to dress cute to impress your crush is a perfectly understandable sentiment. Because why wouldn't you want to look your best, especially towards the guy who happens to be the densest person in the entire history of anime.

"You're not going to say that this is too troublesome, right...right?"

This desire, surprisingly (maybe unsurprisingly?), did not come naturally at first. While Charlotte did invite Laura to go shopping with her, the tomboyish, hard-headed petite lady insisted that her military uniform is more than enough.

Charlotte, of course, insisted otherwise.

"What are you saying? If it's about clothes then this military—"
"That doesn't count."

And so, with platinum on one hand, and gold at the other, the plan was set out to update Laura's rather unladylike fashion preferences. That's when she finally realized the urgency of the matter. Her thoughts came to grips with the importance of the need to look as cute as possible.

animal kigurumi hugging each others

"Since we're wearing these, why don't you try to meow?"

Which ends in an obligatory kigurumi night party. At this point, we simply have to applaud this specific slice of Charlotte's makeover pie. Not only do we get one cat kigurumi, we get two! And that's all with Laura's fidgety embarrassed attitude that seems to not really be enough for her to completely reject her predicament.

black cat kigurumi blushing face
black cat kigurumi sleeping in bed

Needless to say, the black cat kigurumi went to Laura. Black is her thematic color scheme after all, and it contrasts quite well to her silvery-white hair.

cat kigurumi smiling
animal kigurumi having a moment

Charlotte dons the white cat kigurumi. Pretty standard as far as looks and design goes. But hey, it completes the pair. Also because Lillies are color white as well.

animal kigurumi shocked when someone enter their room

"A black and a white cat. Those are quite unusual outfits."

How about Ichika's assessment of it you ask? He can only describe it as "unusual". As expected of you, Ichika. As expected.

fox kigurumi playing volleyball

Of course, we also haven't forgotten Honne "Nohohon", who in both season one and two pretty much wears her yellow fox kigurumi (and its variants) in most occasions where she isn't wearing her uniform, or doing student council duties.

"Give it all you've got then."

Laura Bodewig's initial portrayal in Infinite Stratos (インフィニット・ストラトス) as this sadistic and obsessive antagonist was, for the most part, almost comical and silly. Even with a relatively understandable motive. But after her subsequent redemption minutes phase, she started to have really strong gap moé characteristics that resonated a lot with the series' audience.

In fact, this contrasting effect between her usual tough demeanor and tender embarrassment is even more amplified with her interactions with Charlotte Dunois, also one of the most popular characters of the series.

*mechanically high-fives*

As for the combat abilities of our proud Germany I.S. representative, she's definitely not a pushover, as her former tournament opponent and eventual mission partner experiences.