All You Need, is Another Kigurumi Partner (Luna and Artemis Special)

Ever been caught in a whirlwind of simple misunderstandings that just goes against all of what you intended to convey? Well, Artemis sure did. Worse, the events that transpired all ended up having your friends be unable to do anything about your "counteractive" predicament.

But, we're getting ahead of ourselves. We shall first introduce a good simple nun on a church, supposed to be somewhere within the less urban area of the Azabu-Juban district...

We are not really given information about her (as usual), but we can probably assume a few stereotypes, some of which are about to be exploited by our antagonists a bit later.

Now on our good ol' Sir Artemis. As reported by Luna to Usagi, Chibiusa, and Mamoru, Artemis was found out to be quite mesmerized by her presence when they visited the church.

While Mamoru gives a casual guarantee on Artemis' eye for women, the rest of the girls, Luna included of course, start to ask the only obvious question (at least to them): had he possibly become lovestruck with her?

The implication of this is serious for both Luna and Artemis of course. But, being that it was still, after all, just a single, detached incident, it did not cause Luna to worry too much...

... until this cutie appeared. Contrary to her much grander appearance in the manga, anime version Diana seems to just nonchalantly appear out of nowhere. She introduced herself as the daughter of Artemis, mentioning a certain "mother" without specifying an exact name.

You can already guess the ensuing chaos with this development. The incomplete information conveyed, combined with the already somewhat troubling misunderstanding earlier, makes for a disastrous recipe. And as luck would have it, Luna has been following the two boys all along, hearing every single word that this tiny gray kitten just spoke. Inevitably, Luna goes full berserk, and poor Artemis was simply sent running.

Meanwhile, the sweet nun herself is already approached by Tiger's Eye. As expected, he used her tendency to trust people by default to casually approach her. Though to be fair, he also used his visual charms to a degree in order to momentarily distract her.

We will skip ahead as to why exactly she was chosen as the target of the Dead Moon Circus. But soon enough, he started peering into her dreams, and Artemis and Minako were on location to stop him.

What did Tiger's Eye do to deal with these two? Enlist the help of an assistant named Kigurumiko! No, that is not a sudden shoutout to a potential mascot character. Like seriously, she really is literally named Kigurumi-ko.

As you may have expected already, she changes into a kangaroo suit (ehh close, but not this one) and started wreaking havoc.

Worse, when she found Artemis too annoying, he tucked her in the costume like a young joey, and dressed him up too in a kigurumi. Yes, he is just as considerably bewildered as the audience was.

Being tucked inside Kigurumi-ko's kangaroo suit, Artemis was unable to resist being body controlled. He essentially mimics whatever she does, syncing to her punches and kicks, and also (presumably) takes the same amount of damage when she gets hit.

Thus, when the Sailor Guardians try to save him, he instead is subjected to actions that are against his will.

To cut things short though, we jump a bit further towards the nearing conclusion of the episode, Mamoru Tuxedo Mask steps in to provide a cute little distraction in the form of Diana, which gave Chibiusa and Usagi the convenient opening to unleash a brilliant and dazzling hell onto her.

Crisis averted! For now at least. Oh, and aside from directly addressing Chibiusa like she already knows her during the previous final attack, Diana also later explains that her mother is actually Luna. Y'know, future stuff.

In celebration of our new Luna and Artemis kigurumi sets, we shared a rather unique kigurumi story from Sailor Moon SuperS! 

Even better than Artemis being forced to wear a kangaroo kigurumi, is none other than Artemis himself! And that goes with Luna as well. Don't worry, you won't be compelled to join a prismatic crusade, or be even be controlled against your will. As a bonus, you even get to be thematically consistent!

One simply has to partner up, and pledge their allegiance to the ultimate comfiness and flexibility it provides. We guarantee total ease-of-wear, and the subtlety you need for a discreet reference! After then, you shall never, ever have to be mistaken for some random cat kigurumi worry about the fate of the universe.

Until next time, Diana, until next time.