Once a Kigurumi Lover, Always a Kigurumi Lover

It's been quite a while since we had a glimpse of the vibrant and colorful kigurumi misadventures of YuruYuri's Kyouko. While we did briefly took a peek on what happened during and after their camping trip, we haven't come back to know the details since.

Today, we shall give a comprehensive look at what really followed after, and prove once again, that Kyouko Toshinou may perhaps be the ultimate kigurumi enthusiast of all time.

panda kigurumi playing video games with friends

"Yup, I've won again in this game I've played a thousand times before at Yui's place"

It was an ordinary day for the Amusement Club members. Well, actually they're not together. Instead, they are grouped with other friends within the same school year.

panda kigurumi having a break after gaming with friends

"One by one? Why not two by two? It'd be faster."

At the Yui solo apartment residence, is the second-years group, consisting of Ayano, Chitose, Kyouko, and Yui herself. The scene actually opens with the four of them playing video games, before they decided to take a bath.

chicken kigurumi reading a book for her friends

"Hey, I love pets!" "Oh, but I have big sis Nadeshiko and lil' sis Hanako already."
"What... did you just say?"

At the other side is the Akari family residence, where the first-years group, Himawari, Sakurako, Chinatsu, and Akari are staying. Seems they also decided to do a similar sleepover pajama party as the other group.

"Umm, I have so many questions about the existence of these kigurumi."

Because this is supposed to be an ordinary sleep-over session, nobody actually expects anything major to happen. But, Kyouko being Kyouko, she always has something up her sleeve to spice up the episode. As Ayano and Chitose finished their rounds, she opens Yui's closet, and gives them their familiar kigurumi sets.

sheep kigurumi smiling
panda kigurumi talking with someone while texting in her phone

Once again, we see Ayano don the cutest sheep kigurumi ever (just look at hnng inducing expression), while Chitose gets her perfectly-well-suited sloth kigurumi. As for Kyouko and Yui... well as you can see, they're already donning their tomato and panda kigurumi respectively right at the beginning.

"A surprising, 'sexy' shot huh... well how about a completely unrelated and out-of character smile from Yui herself?"

A couple of boring questions were then asked when everyone resumed their pajama party, before step two of Kyouko's spice-it-up plan was executed.

"It should be something like this."
"Snap. Sent!"
"What the f-"

It was initiated... from a lucky (an unlucky?) picture that she took of Yui. A short set of events made Yui do a "sexy pose", and immediately, like some sort of learned reflex, it already had Kyouko pulling out her phone and snapping a photo of her.

"Nope. Can't unsend it now."
"Why you cheeky little tomato...!"

Whether she intended those sequence of events to happen or not, we may never know. But within a mere split second after taking the photo, she already sent it to Akari. Alas, Yui was unable to do anything but to just helplessly feel troubled at the consequences of this development.

animal kigurumi having a group selfie

"They're biding their time up until they can prank Akari again in some way."

Meanwhile, at the Akari household, the rest of the first-years were just chilling out in the same uneventful way. They were already wearing their kigurumi right at the start, though Chinatsu did reference Kyouko when she told Sakurako that the kigurumi were given to them, free of charge.

animal kigurumi girls night out
cat kigurumi feeling amaze

As usual, the kigurumi they were wearing, is exactly the same one they wore during the camping trip. Sakurako and her chicken kigurumi, Himawari with her rabbit kigurumi, and of course, Chinatsu and Akari with their cat kigurumi and doggo kigurumi respectively.

"Chinatsu's still waiting for Yui-senpai to reply... eh, a message notif?"

While idling around talking about random stuff, Akari's phone suddenly vibrates. Yup, the photo Kyouko sent had arrived. She was, of course, surprised, but no important development about it just yet.

animal kigurumi having a conversation

"Hey, let's hide somewhere to prank Akari when she comes back!"
"And how exactly are going to fit into any nook or cranny with these kigurumi?"

A bit later, Akari left the room to get a new bottle of juice. This is it. The perfect opportunity for the rest of the first years to set up a prank for Akari. Hiding was the default idea, however, no sane person is going to try to displace any of the stuff crammed in the supposed hiding places to get them the space to get inside.

animal kigurumi dancing in the room

"Here's a new set of refreshments-... umm, did I just miss a stop dance game?"

Besides, they didn't have enough time anyway, so they settled on a rather crappy time stop gig that Akari pretty much noticed right away.

animal kigurumi shock in someone news
animals kigurumi friendly conversation

"Sakurako? Himawari? Any explanation here? Sorry Yui-senpai, looks like I'll have to use this trump card Kyouko-senpai gave me."

But while ineffective (even for a dunce like her), Akari did wonder why they did something like this. A bit desperate to get a reaction without touching them, she pulled out her phone and, you guessed it, showed Yui's "sexy pose" to Chinatsu. Though Akari got a small reaction, our cat kigurumi damsel nevertheless tried her best to keep still.

animal kigurumi tickling each other

"Nothing a good tickle... can't force out of!"
"First to move is out!" "What?! We didn't agree on that!"

Finally wanting to end the prank, Akari just went on and tickled Chinatsu. And that's where Sakurako and Himawari decided that the prank is done as well.

cat kigurumi shocked

"By the way, can you please give me more details about that photo...?"
"Umm, our segment for this episode is about to be finished Chinatsu."

As for the photo, well... Akari will be dealing with the consequences of its reveal to Chinatsu (of all people) quite later on. But that is a subject for another time.

cat kigurumi dealing horrific scene

Since Chinatsu will have to deal with something else horrific very shortly after.