Subtle Trouble with a Kigurumi Double (Pokémon Special)

The Gourgeist Festival, a popular holiday in the world of Pokémon is celebrated in much the same way as we do with Halloween. Of course, the main theme of the festival would be the Gourgeists, but the celebration is usually done by wearing all different kinds of Pokémon-themed costumes.

As such, the list of possible costumes would, of course, also include kigurumi. This is where our story begins...

"So umm... anybody already guessed the themed of this episode yet?"

After arriving at an unnamed town between Dendemille Town and Anistar City, Ash and the gang had noticed decorations all around town signifying some sort of festivity.

"Welcome to Hallowee-, I mean Gourgeist festival! You can wear all sorts of different costumes... so long as they are strictly only Pokémon-related!"

Upon inquiring about the details at the local Pokémon center, they learn that this is the Gourgeist festival, and everyone became eager to participate. Who indeed would miss the opportunity to wear a kigurumi to join a well-timed long moment of celebration?

"Don't fret. I got you all fully covered!" (literally)

Naturally, Serena is always somehow prepared for episodes like this. Why else would she be able to pull everything out of that small pink box?

Clemont chose a Watchdog costume. It is essentially a kigurumi in definition, but the classification is different from what we usually have. Serena's Florges costume is not a kigurumi, so we can skip that one.

ash wearing a full snorlax kigurumi

There more interesting ones for the purposes of our study were the costumes chosen by Ash and Bonnie. Ash chose the rather classic Snorlax kigurumi. Very fitting, considering the sleepy nature of the Pokémon that he chose. Bonnie went with a Ludicolo costume, which, while technically designed differently, still falls quite nicely within our standard kigurumi category.

As you have seen in the first two images, their Pokémon pals of course also have their own costumes prepared. Dedenne is dressed up as a Corphish, Pikachu oddly chooses to cosplay as a Psyduck, and more confusingly, Chespin tries to become a Pikachu (more on that later).

ash with his full snorlax kigurumi with friends

"Now we're ready for a party crash!"

With their costumes now prepared, Ash sets out to celebrate the Gourgeist festival along with the other townspeople.

"Your Inkay chooses a Pikachu cosplay eh. How original."

Meanwhile, at the side of our usual antagonists, Team Rocket is once again plotting to steal some Pokémon as they stalk the protagonists, and generally just spy on the regular townsfolk.

"Why yes... it is verrrrry convenient for us that their Pumpkaboo is the only Pokémon in their lineup that isn't cosplaying, otherwise we would have just ignored them."

Unbeknownst to them though, they themselves are being observed from afar by another person.

"Forgive me for appointing these combat-ready Pokémon as the welcoming committee."

Before they even realize their situation, they are already cornered by three Gourgeists. This isn't meant to be a hostile encounter, fortunately. The man commanding the Gourgeists introduced himself as a butler, explaining that his master, Count Pumpka, wants to invite their group to dinner.

"Actually, this is the very first time we have seen such a thicc Pumpkaboo."

Does this sound fishy? Well to Jessie and James, it somehow didn't sound fishy enough, and they immediately accepted the offer despite their split-second hesitation. At the dinner, Count Pumpka explained that his Prince Pumpkaboo has fallen deeply in love with Jessie's super-size Pumpkaboo, who is now only revealed to actually be a female after all this time.

"You want this Pumpkaboo right? Well, I know a few bad(?) guys that are after my precious darling. I would like you to deal with them first."

Jessie, never the person to waste a good opportunity for abuse, lied that her Pumpkaboo is being harassed Ash's group, and that they even stole a Pikachu from her before. The count, unaware of her true nature, immediately dispatches his butler to deal with these "hostiles" and retrieve "her lost Pikachu".

"Ah, the villainous merry band of Pokémon kidnappers... Team Rocket? How dare you speak ill of our benevolent guests."

snorlax kigurumi having a fight

"Now, the perfect time to steal-, I mean to retrieve their Pikachu back."

And so, our heroes who were simply enjoying the festivities nonchalantly, now find themselves to be the ones cornered by the three Gourgeists. Naturally, they put up a good fight, until they were distracted enough to let the butler take Pikachu with them.

"Well then, this is your turn to fulfill your part of the bargain. What? No, I'm not taking away your Pumpkaboo. A trade! I meant to trade it remember?"

Well... not quite. Remember earlier how their Pokémon also wore costumes? The one that the butler took was the one that looked like a Pikachu, which at that time was Clemont's Chespin. They apparently never noticed the lightning-tailed, rodent -eared strange Psyduck among their ranks.

"W-Welcome back my one and only Pikachu!"

Upon arriving back with Pikachu Chespin, James immediately noticed of course. However, he was insistent on playing along to complete the agreed-upon transaction. It was then explained to Jessie that her super-size Pumpkaboo will be wed to the Count's Pumpkaboo in exchange for the favor. Before all of the details were clarified though, Ash and gang finally arrived at the palace.

snorlax kigurumi facing a villain

"We're no bad guys! But let me yell at my demands without proper explanation so that I would seem like one anyway!"

This was supposed to be the point of hesitation. At the confirmation of a Pokémon trade, she reminisced about their time together. But when shown a majestic Mawile (emphasizing on its capability to Mega Evolve), she just kind of forgot the whole bonds through time thing and agreed to proceed.

snorlax kigurumi having a pokemon fight with the villain

Long story short, Ash and gang were locked behind bars but eventually kicked ass, Clemont's Chespin got freed, and the trade had to be retracted due to Jessie's Pumpkaboo evolving into Gourgeist after the transfer. Also somehow after these events, Jesse's now-evolved Gourgeist and her have deepened their bond even further.

snorlax kigurumi enjoying his hot soup

"Umm... we jumped into lots of conclusions but, we can at least give you a feast for the rest of the festival if you want to. Is that okay?"

As for the count, he directly apologized for Ash for the trouble they inadvertently caused, and invited them to celebrate the remainder of the festival at their palace.

snorlax kigurumi feeling amaze with friends

All... while still wearing their kigurumi the whole time.

snorlax kigurumi holding a pokeball

Hey there, if Snorlax kigurumi is your thing like Ash, you may be out of luck. As one of the most popular kigurumi that we have here, it is usually out of stock, and we're pretty sure everyone knows exactly why.

pokemon kigurumi pictorial

But, if you fancy other Pokémon, we have several other Pokémon kigurumi that we're sure you would also love. Remember, all of them are just as popular, so be sure to regularly check their availability. Heck, why not keep them as an entire collection if you can regularly get one? You know as we say, a spare kigurumi, is always a shared kigurumi... almost.

snorlax kigurumi worn by ash ketchum

But wait, this is the Pokémon world we are talking about! This definitely won't be the last of our kigurumi adventures in this colorful realm.