Celebrating International Red Panda Day with... Your Kigurumi!

Last September 19th, we celebrated International Red Panda day! Red pandas, as you may have already known, have a special place in our hearts. So when the call to raise awareness for these fluffy creatures was made, we heeded, and helped raise funds to protect them through all of your love and passion for kigurumi.

Thank you everyone, for all who helped raise the amount that we were able to contribute!

Red pandas, as we explained already during our fund raising day, are classified as an endangered species, with only some 10,000 of them left on Earth. In fact, in countries such as India, Bhutan, Nepal and Myanmar, they are legally protected. This means anyone who causes harm to them or their habitat will be heavily penalized.

You may have seen them on many wildlife documentaries, or have watched countless of meme-worthy Japanese videos about them. After all, they're such a absolute cuties, and we do love them here in much the same way as everyone goes "aww" at their adorable antics.

Have you noticed our very logo? Yup, that's not a raccoon, but a red panda!

red panda kigurumi in kemono friends episode

Another reason why red pandas are getting more exposure as of late can be probably attributed to internet anime culture. First, is the eventual massive popularity of Kemono Friends, where the red panda was introduced as one of its episode guests.

aggretsuko kigurumi singing

But more important than that for us... is Aggretsuko! Well, the featured image of this blog post should have been a dead giveaway already but, yup, we actually have a wilder, extra variant of our beloved red panda kigurumi. Be sure to check it our at our store!

On a final note, red pandas are often depicted metaphorically as symbols of gentleness, compromise, and patience. Hmm, that does kind of sound familiar doesn't it? Especially the patience part... at least until she reaches for the nearest karaoke room.

red panda kigurumi photoshoot

Once again thank you, and kudos to both our love for red pandas, and kigurumi!