Spotlight Alert: Blink or You'll Miss the Kigurumi with Bo Burnham!

Woah woah, did you just see that?!

While rummaging through old-ish 2021 music videos from playlists recommended to me by various people before, something very peculiar just flashed before my eyes. In particular, I was watching "White Woman's Instagram" from Bo Burnham's official YouTube channel.

Bo Burnham with his full pink narwhal kigurumi

And there it is, somewhere starting between 3:37 and 3:38, we see the unmistakable shape and form of a narwhal kigurumi. Well, not the blue kind that we currently have, unfortunately. But it is fairly evident that this isn't the land unicorn variety, hence my assessment of the theme.

We'll save the subject about the song itself for another time,

But in any case, we've delivered the news, and off comes the goods!

I get the feeling this isn't the last time I'll remember something like this...

Source: YouTube