'Rocking' Your Kigurumi With Style: Gerard Way Once Again

We're pretty sure that being an icon is just the default status of Gerard Way at this point.

And yes, we are definitely talking about the OG man himself. Those who grew up in the early 2000's definitely know a thing or two about My Chemical Romance, because you'll never see review-cramming students ever stop listening to them.

But you know what's even more eternal? His kigurumi.

To give a bit more context, Gerard Way has a certain "eccentric" reputation for occasionally donning his skeleton onesie from time to time. It's not considered his signature attire. But it has appeared often enough that the association stuck.

In fact, some of you might remember our celebrity spotlight special that very briefly showcased Gerard and his skeleton kigurumi. Well, that was nearly half a decade ago, and fast forward to 2022, nothing's changed. Yep.

Phoebe's association with skeleton costumes might be immortal, but Gerard's skeleton onesie is a fascinating thing that us kigurumi fans (and My Chemical Romance fans too!) will never really forget.

Own it like you know it

Gerard Way with his full skeleton kigurumi

Comfy is the game, and that is how you will play. Kigurumi work best when you maximize the level of comfort you have with it, whether physically or mentally. Gerard, of course, has this one nailed down perfectly.

Show, not tell

Gerard Way with his full skeleton kigurumi

Did he ever made any specific mention or story about his kigurumi? According to the holy archives, he actually did a few times didn't. He never really elaborated on why he wore the skeleton kigurumi as often as he did all this time. But, it never really felt strange on him either. So, even if everyone was surprised at first, it became a regular thing by the third incident.

Imitation is the greatest form of flattery

Gerard Way drinking a coffee with his full skeleton kigurumi

Skeleton kigurumi is hardly a unique motif, and to be honest, many other people were already donning the onesie far more often than Gerard. But when you realize that the exact same product, with the exact same pattern pops up on the entire page of a search result, you definitely know that somewhere at the top, there's always one small dedicated section for Gerard.

Old but gold

Gerard Way with his full skeleton kigurumi

Lastly, we give salute to the simple fact that he has been doing this for a very long time. The consistency is absolutely there, from the oldest references way back during the early 2010's, towards us eventually featuring him in 2016, plus the newer pictures that we see today. The trend still works, and as old as it has become, it has aged very well like the finest wine you could ever afford.