Celebrate Chinese New Year With Our New Rooster Kigurumi

It’s hard to top the colour, pageantry and fireworks of Chinese New Year, and this year’s celebration of the Year of the Rooster on Saturday, January 28 should be particularly fun and festive. If you’re looking for a way to celebrate the Year of the Rooster in style, one good option might be – what else? - our new Rooster Kigurumi!

Rooster Kigurumi

If you love our other animal onesies, you’ll love our new Rooster Onesie. It’s made of the same high-quality fleece material and is particularly warm and cozy for a cold January evening. It’s all the little touches that help this genuine SAZAC onesie really stand out - like the red comb on top, the yellow beak, the white collar ruffle and the distinctive red wattle. It’s fun and a bit whimsical!

We’re always excited to spot fun images of our Kigurumi popping up in our social media feeds, and we’re excited to see what creative uses people will have for our new Rooster! This winter on Instagram, we’ve already seen Dinosaurs ordering meals at diners, Sheep snowboarding down mountains, and Pandas at concert performances.. Perhaps the one picture that delighted us the most was the Shark/Frenchie showdown!


Last year, of course, was epic for people using our onesies in creative ways. 2016 was the year that Meghan Trainor totally rocked our Giraffe Kigurumi on National TV, and Jimmy Fallon followed her example by wearing a green Dinosaur onesie. (We’ll have to save an extra Rooster Kigurumi or two, just in case they decide to make 2017 as much fun as 2016!) 


animal kigurumi in a show


So who might wear our Rooster Kigurumi this year? We’ve started to create an informal list of all the famous celebrities born in the Year of the Rooster - among them, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Jennifer Lopez, Renee Zellweger and Beyoncé; If Queen Bey ever sings her hits like “Crazy in Love” on stage in a Rooster Kigurumi, now that would be worth crowing about!

This year is actually the year of the Fire Rooster, which we haven’t had since 1957 - the year that Sputnik launched into space, the Baby Boomer generation was just getting started, “American Bandstand” made its network debut, and Dr. Seuss published “The Cat in the Hat” (easily the most significant event of the year, if we do say so ourselves!).
Among some of the notable Fire Roosters born that year – Spike Lee, Ray Romano, Vanna White, Katie Couric and Steve Buscemi.

Rooster Kigurumi

The best part of Chinese New Year is that, unlike all the celebrations of New Year’s that took place on December 31, this celebration isn’t over at midnight - Far from it, in fact! It’s a two-week celebration ending in early February, so you’ll have plenty of uses for a Rooster Kigurumi!
Just a few ideas we have - wear them snowboarding, lounging in front of a nice fire, or just hanging out with friends while doing a Lion Dance this Chinese New Year.
Oh, and if you’re into the political thing this year, you could even wear them to a political rally. [Believe it or not, giant inflatable roosters that look like Donald Trump are absolutely a thing this year]

(image from BBC)

So surprise us - but just be careful! If you’re planning on being around fireworks this year, please get used to your Rooster Kigurumi in advance so that you know how it moves and responds - Safety first! And have a Happy Chinese New Year!