Why Ride with an Official Kigurumi Onesie?

Are you looking for your next onesie? Or maybe your first? Let us help you!

By now, you’ve probably come across dozens of different onesie styles, shapes, and size. You might have even noticed that some are marked “officially licensed” or “authorized” while others do their best to keep things vague. So, what’s the deal? What does all this “official” wording mean and does it really matter?

Our quick answer: Yes! Licensed and authorized onesies are made with better fabrics and more closely resemble their characters. They’re also softer and fit more comfortably so you’ll actually enjoy the experience of wearing them rather than feel like you’re a walking blimp. If you’re in search of some proof, we have some rather fun comparisons for you.

Firstly let’s check out exhibit A. On the left, you’ll see our very own Disney-licensed Stitch Kigurumi onesie. On the right is a Stitch onesie from one of our competitors. We’ll let you be the judge.

Stitch Kigurumi Onesie vs Fake

As you can see, non-licensed onesies can be anywhere from sad to virtually unrecognizable. When it comes to quality, knock-off onesies are usually made with thin crushed velvet that wears out easily and isn’t very soft. Let’s chalk this score up to Kigurumi: one, knock-off: zero.

In case you’re still not convinced, let’s move on to Exhibit B. Below is our Cheshire Cat Kigurumi onesie (left) going head-to-head against a competitor’s unlicensed onesie (right).

Cheshire Cat Kigurumi Onesie Costume Pajamas vs Fake

Yikes! This knock-off definitely tips the creepy-cute scale in favor of “creepy”—mostly because it looks like a different character altogether. Our onesie hood also offers a more purrfect fit, without extra bagginess and awkward pulling.

And lastly, Exhibit C:

Dinosaur Kigurumi Onesie Costume Pajamas vs Fake

Our Dinosaur Kigurumi onesie (left) is clearly an entire Jurassic period ahead of our competitor on the right. The hood has better structure, shape, and personality. Ours says ROAR, while others may say NO MORE.

At Kigurumi.com (.ca), we only sell SAZAC licensed products so you know you’re getting the most bang for your buck. Our onesies will last longer and are way more accurate to character details. This means you can show up to your next convention, theme party, or movie marathon knowing your outfit is on-point and cozy enough to wear all day. Hallelujah!

Ready to ride in an official Kigurumi onesie? Check out our selection of Animal Onesies or Character Licensed Onesies!