How to Fold a Kigurumi

So you finally bought your first Kigurumi! Welcome to the club you sexy animal.

Although we bet you'll have a hard time taking it off, your onesie deserves the best care too! If you haven't checked out how to wash a Kigurumi, you'll want to check out both our washing and drying instructions to keep your onesie looking brand spanking new. 

A great thing about our onesies (aside from all the other fabulous things) is that they are super easy to tuck away! Many of our customers choose to hang them up in their closet, but if you're low on space, we have a great trick for you!

Find out how to fold a Kigurumi in 5 simple steps with our official (and adorable!) Kigurumi Folding Specialist Nathania.

Step 1: The Spinner

Hold out your onesie upright (with the face facing away from you) and make sure you're holding it from its arms. Next, rotate it 180 degrees, so that the hood is upside down and the legs are upright. Lastly fold it halfway, so that the legs meet the arms.

the spinner

Step 2: Fold at First Sight

Once your Kigurumi is folded in half, making sure the head is between the legs (and at the center), you can start to tri-fold the body of the onesie vertically. Next bring up both the legs and arms, so that everything is crammed into a vertical line. The head should continue to hang in the center!

fold at first sight

Step 3: The Square Master

Once your onesie is in a straight vertical line, start to fold it downwards twice, until all that's left peeking out is the hood!

the square master

Step 4: Pillow Talk

Lastly, fold the Kigurumi signature hood over and you're done! Not only is your onesie protected and adorable looking, but you can also now use it as pillow too! 

pillow talk
pillow talk

This type of folding is perfect for small spaces and will keep your onesies wrinkle free, as well as adorable. It's also a great folding technique to use for travelling! You never know when you might need an extra pillow! 

Check out our blog in a few weeks, where we share how to take off a Kigurumi to go to the cough, cough...bathroom at a festival or when you're camping! No seriously - we promise there's a way too do it without taking the whole thing off!  

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