Jolly and Celebratory Kigurumi Inspirations!

Featured image credit by 御免なさい@残虐さん via Pixiv

Ever since the beginning we have fully supported the idea of kigurumi fitting into just every occasion possible that doesn't require seriousness or solemnity. This means that for every festive situation, there will always be a reason to wear kigurumi onesies no matter what.

To prove that point further, here are a few inspirational images that you might want to draw ideas from in the near future.

Super mario brothers bowser kigurumi celebrating his birthday

This ain't no simple party world we're crashing into! Wonderful Bowser kigurumi for the equally wondrous occasion. (Original post)

Animal kigurumi partying

Who says a kigurumi party needs a start and stop line? Especially if you got the rest of the gang all night! (Original post)

Animal kigurumi doing outdoor activities

Ah, the great outdoors. Nothing like living up to the theme of your favorite kigurumi... even when they're supposed to be gone for millions of years. (Original post)

White unicorn kigurumi drinking a can of beer

An electrifying match made in heaven indeed. Mystery, wonder, fizz, and spirits, all in one complete package. (Original post)

Owl kigurumi partying with friends

Meh, we don't even need any specific festivity to enjoy kigurumi free days. Call a few shots, declare the theme, and enjoy! (Original post)

We're just getting started!

Image source: Instagram