Yep, Just Your Normal, Everyday Kigurumi Onesie Stream

(All respective images are directly attributed to MootSnake, miky_99, and xChocoBars.)

It is definitely not just a phenomenon. More and more streamers are loving how kigurumi onesies bring out the ultimate comfiness in their sessions. Generally, the more chill the ocassion is the better, such as when playing laid-back games, or when simply doing Q&A sessions. But, of course, there are also special use cases for rowdier situations, where the festive applications of kigurumi onesies become the "top priority".

And hey, even if these streamers only every appeared once or twice in a kigurumi, all incidences combined already becomes good enough proof of the trend and its effectiveness.

Almost Signature in Heart

MootSnake in her full Luna Kigurumi

Those who know the design of this kigurumi onesie should know immediately the reference that its licensed character is providing. But if not, we shall at least introduce MootSnake in here full Luna kigurumi onesie glory.

She already has worn the onesie on more than a single occasion, so that barely counts as "signature". Would other thematically compatible designs also be on the table in the near future? We certainly hope so.

By (Ever-Growing) Popular Demand

Miky_99 with his full luna kigurumi

Miky_99 is one of the streamers that realized just how persuasive the audience can get when it comes to requesting kigurumi onesies. I mean, regardless of where you stand (either as the streamer or the viewer), the trend has to catch up with you somehow.

Shown here is the obligatory Stitch kigurumi onesie. The onesie design that, at this point, is strangely one of the go-to non-Pokemon theme for male streamers that wnats to dip their toes into its comfy territory.

Be Sure to Do the Moo

xChocoBars with her full cow kigurumi

xChocoBars isn't really the type to wear onesies on stream, regardless of how big her audience is. But at the very least, there was one rare occassion where she donned a cow kigurumi onesie to presumably declare her piece in the trendy war spoils.

Needless to say, as fans of this unusual post, we definitely would like to see more of her in white n' black. Even if there isn't any particular celebration to rave about.