Halloween Kigurumi Onesie Picks Roundup!

It's a been week since Halloween, and we hope that you had a good time donning your favorite onesie for the occassion. While we skipped the traditional recommendations for this year, we shall at least do a follow-up that instead focuses on the notable ones that appeared this year.

Some of them may have been featured quite earlier than the actual occasion. But all of them are made in the spirit of the festive occasion for trick or treating!


Halloween Kigurumi pictorials

Surprise your guests with a with a massive dose of cuteness, thanks to none other than our iconic black colored character themes! (Original post)

Raven kigurumi walking a path

Quite too early? Nah, there always more time to prepare for the spooky occassion that tingles our excitement and sensation. (Original post)

Skeleton kigurumi feel a sleep

Skeleten theme anyone? If you can't decide on a cutesy theme, why not just go with the constant grim reminder of our mortality? (Original post)

Fox kigurumi doing a duck post stance

Congratulations! You've just found the one single entity that can steal your nuts before you even begin your Halloween challenge! (Original post)

Super mario brother yoshi kigurumi playing in the snowy weather

Just as its original PSA says, Halloweens can be cold depending on where you are. Well, makes complete sense that it is a Yoshi-themed one, get it? (Original post)

Gengar Kigurumi up shot in the drainage

Well, well, well, look who has finally come to make the ghastly deal. So what is it really going to be... trick? ... or treat? (Original post)

Animal kigurumi getting caught in jaill for being too cute

We have just arrested a local bear from named Konoka for the crimes of being too cute at the Mystery Library during that warm, fateful day. (Original post)

Pikachu kigurumi celerating their halloween costume party

Not even an art experience workshop is "safe" from this year's kigurumi onesie Halloween frenzy. (Original post)