Apparently, There was a New Type of Kigurumi Vtuber Week

Twitter is a rather polarizing social media platform to use and visit. And that is even years before Elon Musk took overy and went topsy-turvy with everything in it.

But regardless of its tainted notoriety, it remains main communication hub for Vtubers when it comes to public announcements. You can even consider it a baseline requirement, since virtually no Vtuber out there with a good following would exist without a Twitter account that is in constant use.

Things brings us to a rather sweet little event that I didn't even know occurred until at least several weeks after. It turned out, that at the beginning of October this year, an artist (team?) named ApyaOpyan (Apyao / Ningen & Ahiru) unleashed a set of free template material for Vtubers to use for a Twitter post.

The logic, details, and instructions of the campaign were simple. Since summer was officialy over at that time, ApyaOpyan celebrated the start of autumn by releasing a tweet. Readers are simply instructed to retweet and like the message, then they can use any of the three free kigurumi onesie template designs.

Animal kigurumi animal inspired designed by team ApyaOpyan Apyao Ningen & Ahiru

These images can be placed over any matching humanoid model, so that it could fit any Vtuber character with just a few simple edits in an image software.

Needless to say, everybody flew with the concept. In a span of about a week, a significant number of independent Vtubers started posting their versions of the kigurumi onesie sets in celebration of the hashtag. What you see here is just a fraction of what was showcased on those few days.

Matching the color of their character is the default standard, of course. Some nailing it better than others. Though, regardless of visual theme, everyone still more or less got the same cute result. Besides, even if the color doesn't match, that's okay. I mean, we don't necessarily try to perfectly match kigurumi colors with out own right?

Oh, and some also put a bit more effort than others into editing their kigurumi onesie avatars. Still gotta make yourself stand out somehow!

If you need even more, just be sure to type the hashtag on Twitter's search bar!
(The kigurumi template itself can be downloaded for free at Apyao's official Booth page)