End of The Year Kigurumi Festival Bash!

Featured image credit by めゆ汰 via Twitter

Celebrations are eternal, and the trend never goes down. Even as this year finally comes to a close, we always follow the path of comfy merriment and revelry. Never has there been a joyful moment where kigurumi onesies became awkward or unfitting.

Of course, the themes and designs are yet another question. But the kigurumi itself? Nah, They're always going to be welcome.

So brace yourself, and enjoy once more this brief montage of inspirational images that might just bring even more life your kigurumi onesies in the near future.

Gearing in style! This is the best of what the occasion can offer for your bodies and buddies. Just be sure to wear the correct fabric type! (Original post)

Getting creative with how you execute your finish is half the fun. Claiming a monstrous victory over your unbearable opponent is the other. (Original post)

Red panda kigurumi ice skating

Of course, things don't always turn out as you planned it to be. Thankfully, it seems that red pandas love to play in all types of weather. (Original post)

Animals kigurumi skiing with friends

At the end of the day... wait, end of the day? There is practically no end to the competitive festivities at this point, even after the winners and losers are already long declared. (Original post)

Blue unicorn enjoying snowy weather

Even if you're not into heavy physical activity, just offering the cold weekend a warm welcome is already enough to start your day right. (Original post)

rilakkuma kigurumi setting up his snowboaring gears

Indeed, anybody who thinks that winter is so much more beadle with a kigurumi is right on the money. With the right additional equipment, of course. (Original post)

Ring tailed lemur kigurumi jumping shot in the snowy fields

Here we a lemur in its not-so-natural-habitat still trying to be as cool and hip as possible. Or maybe the wildlife cameraman just spooked him on the way to the cabin. (Original post)

We're not done yet!