2023: Welcome to the Year of the Rabbit Kigurumi Onesies!

Featured image credit by 御免なさい (gomennasai) via Pixiv

Happy New Year of 2023!

 Like what we have started last year, we are showcasing a brief kigurumi presentation for the representative Chinese Zodiac animal of the year. For 2023, this means that we shall be looking at and discussing the great points of all rabbit kigurumi.

Rabbit kigurumi is kind of a onesie stereotype. It is very easily associated with such type of clothing, with all of its classes and types, much like how cat kigurumi became very popular in animation. Specifically, white and pink rabbit kigurumi are the most common colors, sometimes even representing specific franchise characters that fit the design. Try to do a brief Google search of the related keywords, and you would easily see a smattering of those colors on a single page.

But, why are they great anyway? Here are a few points in mind that you might have already unconsciously considered:

Fluffy Even as You See It

Rabbit kigurumi stargazing

Image credit by こざと (kozato) via Pixiv 

What I mean is, rabbit kigurumi onesies tend to have this soft, mushy feeling onto them, regardless of the fabric or color that was used. The association is of course, with the animal itself, being that it is often considered very huggable, and very safe to interact with as a pet. Illustrators often instinctively add gloves and kigu shoes, making them a hybrid of the other type of kigurumi by Japanese defintion, which then makes them look even fluffier.

As a result of this, rabbit kigurumi gets frequently seen as the default theme for maximum comfort, and becomes one of the safest choices for any wearer and any occasion.

Long Ears Make Themselves Instantly Distinct

Rabbit kigurumi installing a rabbit hairband

Image credit by ゆっきー (yukki) via Twitter

If dragon and tiger kigurumi have stripes and horns to identify them immediately, rabbit kigurumi onesies then, have long ears. This is the most unmistakable quality of such kigurumi themes. This is to the point that even if you often find other white-colored animal kigurumi, you would never ever mistake a rabbit kigurumi for something else. Yes, not even a hare kigurumi.

When you arrive as a guest at a kigurumi party, none of the other goers, regardless of their level of sobriety, would ever have to guess what animal your rabbit kigurumi onesie is supposed to be.

Perfect for Any Whimsical Color

Rabbit kigurumi with different colour pictorials

Image credit by ひらやま (hirayama) via Pixiv

Unlike other distinct animals that require them to stick to their color themes for identification, rabbit kigurumi onesies don’t even need any sort of natural animal color. They can appear in any color that you can imagine, and in any combination or number in between. It would still look fine, and depending on the combinations, might even enhance the identity of your particular suit.

Needless to say, franchise character-related rabbit kigurumi are the ones that benefit the best from this. Even if the genre from where it actually came from isn’t really considered as wholesome as it should be.

Good for Promotional material?

Rabbit kigurumi cute anime post

Image credit by きんぎん (kin-gin) and ただのしかばね (tadanoshi kabane) via Pixiv

Probably just a result of weird coincidences, but there are quite a good number of times that rabbit kigurumi onesies functioned as some sort of mascot (the word’s actual meaning), or as a medium of promotion for something supposedly unrelated to it. I’m not sure how this works either. I’m pretty certain that a different type of “bunny” would have been presented at a different place. But, the examples are there for us to see.

I mean, combining the rest of the aforementioned elements, we have a perfect example in the form of Ichihara Nina. Kigurumi which is pink in color, has a very distinct, character-like ear design (perhaps an actual franchise character within her universe), additional accessories on the body, and is even built thicker and fluffier than normal.

Rabbit kigurumi in her full pictorial

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