Dancing, Vibing, and Grooving in Kigurumi Onesies

Featured image credit by sumo ! via Pixiv

We've featured kigurumi in almost every occasion and every situation that is normally possible. We've also concluded that, so long as the atmosphere is positive, and the event is casual enough, you can always don your kigurumi onesie on your way there (or as you get there).

But, I haven't really discussed anything about using kigurumi onesies for relatively brief situations. Like, when you appear on a stage play. Or if you are going to host a talk show. Or for that matter, when groups of people wearing kigurumi onesies perform a dance number.

That's right. As common as the idea was, this completely slipped my mind. And so, to (re)introduce the idea on this blog, here are some of the notable examples of kigurumi onesies worn perfectly during a stage groove.

Block B Performs the Perfect Zoo Ensemble

Animal Kigurmi partying

Way way back in the fateful year of 2014, zany South Korean boy band Block B revealed their latest music video for the single "Her", featuring several sections where they choreograph their number wearing various kigurumi onesies. The concept of course, flew off, and people absolutely adore the way they simply ripped off and have fun during the entire music video.

Block B even preserved a brief section of how the video is made, where they practice the dance steps with the kigurumi they wore for the single.

Definitely as fun as the fans say, and perhaps one of the best examples of how "kigurumi-cute" can mesh very well with "cool and groovy".

MAMAMOO Rips in Awesome White and Green

Vegatable kigurumi performing you're the best

Sometime later in 2016, MAMAMOO, another South Korean entertainment group performed "You're the Best" live on stage during one episode of the hit SBS M television program The Show. They wore what appeared to be radish kigurumi onesies, one of the relatively rare examples of vegetable kigurumi presented to the public.

Since then, the performance has been so iconic, that the kigurumi has become a signature item of sorts for the group. If any Korean fans see that unmistakable splash of green and white on a onesie, you know what kind of party is coming down next.

TXT Dances to Their Wild Passion

Animals Kigurumi practicing dance steps

Yet another Korean group, this time TXT, hopped on to the kigurumi dance bandwagon three years later in 2019. This is for the kigurumi onesie version of their music video "Cat & Dog". The combinations here are a bit more different, and the themes don't exactly match the name of the single, but it definitely counts.

Like Block B's performance, the pracice sessions are also recorded for everyone to reminisce, and probably get inspirations from (previous link). Oh and, they even completed their getup with kigu shoes, which might have made rehearsals a bit more challenging.

More to come!