Crafting for a Cause at Mineathon 2014

With the end of August just around the corner, there is a particular event that we are looking forward to. Mineathon 2014 is taking place with mission to raise funds for important causes. We've donated kigurumis as raffle prizes and are proud to be sponsoring the event!

character kigurumi

So what exactly is Mineathon? Ever heard of Minecraft, the independent Swedish game that allows you to explore, survive and create in a landscape that is a block-full of fun? Of course you have! Being the best-selling PC game of all time, Minecraft is super versatile, allowing you to build anything from simple structures to grand masterpieces, and more.

Mineathon basically takes that already engaging environment, and spends many months building mini-games that users will eventually have access to for a whole 24 hours. As players get the chance to play these games for free, they are also given the opportunity to donate to the causes that Mineathon has selected for the event. 100% of all proceeds are donated. A well-known organization that Mineathon works with is Childsplay, who specialize in improving lives through the donation of toys and games to hospitalized children. Their network consists of over 70 hospitals worldwide!

Mineathon 2014 takes place August 30 to 31, which is when the map containing all of the minigames will be available on the Mineathon servers (generously donated by ready2frag). Entry to these servers are free, just like the minigames! The event will be live-streamed through the Mineathon24 account, hosted by 12 official live-streamers, each taking turns throughout. 

What are you waiting for? Nothing sounds better than playing carefully-constructed Minecraft minigames while supporting a great cause. Mark your calendars - Mineathon 2014 is on its way!