Kigurumi Takes Over Fan Expo Canada '14!

While many were out following their daily routines, we at Kigurumi were in Toronto from August 28 to 31st at perhaps the biggest convention of its kind in North America.

That's right! We spent a wild 4 days at Fan Expo Canada, where we got to share the floor with tons of exhibitors, witnessed our heroes in the flesh, and met many of our kigurumi friends while making new ones.

pikachu kigurumi

Setting up our booth the night before the convention's opening was tons of hard work, and a great time to get acquainted with our neighbours, but we were mostly looking forward to the con itself. Who wouldn't? Thursday was calm next to the three following days, which made it a perfect time to wander around.

Some highlights of the con include Matt Smith's Q&A, the horror section found in the Metro Toronto Convention Centre's North Building, and seeing the men behind Vegeta from Dragonball Z's voice (both English and Japanese!)


Matt Smith was very kind, cracking all sorts of jokes, and reminding us why he'll always be our beloved Doctor (at least one of them). While we learned many truths about him and Doctor Who (for instance, he'd enjoy sharing a cup of tea with a deadly Dalek), we also got to witness... a marriage proposal! Yes, one man summed up all his courage, took hold of the Q&A mic, and asked his girlfriend to marry him.


Never did we imagine falling in love with creepy creatures such as these. Upon entering the North Building, we had to take a deep breath and be as brave as possible. Gruesome artifacts from Zombie Babies to the scariest horror-movie masks filled a great chunk of the room. Would you like to take care of these?


Aside from all things scary, we also found the best Leonardo from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles mask! This is how it should be done.

We also picked up an awesome wig from Arda Wigs.

animal kigurumi participating in the event

And feasted our eyes on more horror goods.


Of course, while wandering around was fun (yet nearly impossible on certain days due to heavy convention traffic), we really enjoyed meeting many of you! Thanks for stopping by!

character kigurumi partying
pink gloomy bear in front of the mirror
animal kigurumi gathering

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And stay cute!