Blossom Animal Buddies to Explore the Floral Side of Kigurumi

Spice up your springtime wardrobe for the last month of the season with these floral-inspired picks! Well, we can’t do actual flowers, but you can ditch the panda and Pikachu for something a little more magical and unexpected. Owls, unicorns, and Sylveon are here to help you channel your inner flower child.

Owls: More Than Night Owls


While owls might be known for their nocturnal habits, their connection to nature runs deep. Owl kigurumi often come in earthy colors like brown and grey, perfect for adding pops of floral fun. Think pastel flower crowns, leafy branches pinned to their wings, or even a little owl-shaped purse filled with wildflowers. You'll look wise and wonderful whether you're strolling through the park or hanging out at a spring festival.

If you're feeling crafty, try making your own floral accessories! A simple DIY flower crown made of silk flowers and ribbon can instantly elevate your owl kigurumi. You can also find owl kigurumi with embroidered floral patterns on the wings or chest for a more subtle touch.

Unicorns: Not Just for Kids

 White Unicorn Animal Kigurumi Adult Onesie Costume Pajamas Main

Unicorns are synonymous with magic, and what's more magical than a field of flowers in bloom? Blue unicorn kigurumi are especially trendy right now, and you can easily add your own touch with colorful ribbons, flower decals, or even a sprinkle of glitter for some extra sparkle. Get ready to turn heads and spread the unicorn love!

For a bolder look, consider a unicorn kigurumi with a rainbow mane and tail. You can then add floral accents like a flower crown or a bouquet of fabric flowers to tie it into the springtime theme. Or, if you're feeling adventurous, you can even DIY a unicorn horn covered in fabric flowers!

Sylveon: Dazzling 'Flower' Power


Sylveon, the fairy-type evolution of Eevee, is a natural fit for a floral kigurumi (sorry Leafeon). With its pastel colors and ribbon-like feelers, Sylveon practically screams springtime. Lean into this aesthetic with floral club accents, a ribbon-trimmed finish, plus a full-blown pink-blue-white ensemble. If you're into Eevee evolutions or just want to feel extra magical, Sylveon is the kigurumi for you.

To really take your Sylveon kigurumi to the next level, try incorporating some of its signature moves into your outfit. For example, you could add fairy lights to your ribbons when snapping shots ("Moonblast"), or carry a bouquet of flowers at a similarly green-filled locations ("Aromatherapy").

Going Floral with... Animals?

tomato kigurumi onesie, pumpkin kigurumi onesie

(okay, they're not exactly floral, but they are at least plant "blossom" based!)

Floral themes are a fun and fresh way to celebrate May. They're perfect for spring parties, conventions, or just a cozy night in. Vibrant colors are the signature representation of these beautiful things. So even if we can't directly express them in terms of actual flower-themed kigurumi, we can at least represent them with icons of nature, or getting really batshit crazy with colors.

And ultimately, we can least guarantee to brighten anyone's day (including your own) with their supreme coziness.

Pro Tip: There are no rules when it comes to expressing yourself through kigurumi. Mix and match different colors and textures to create that unique "flowerly" look for you! (since we can't directly use actual flower-based themes that often anyway)