And So, Summer Comes for Kigurumi Enthusiasts Once Again...

(Featured image credit by あずまうど via Pixiv)

Summer is a wild ride of contrasts. On the one hand, you have blazing hot days under the sun, and refreshing dips in the pool. On the other hand, rain brings a gloomy overcast, and sometimes even the occasional storm or typhoon. It's a season that calls for clothing that can keep up with both the scorching heat and the sudden downpours. 

But you know what? To hell with this flim-flam kigurumi compatibility dice roll. We're still going to rock our kigurumi onesies this summer!

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The full-body nature of onesies makes it seem like they’re just for the colder months, but kigurumi can actually be surprisingly lightweight and breathable. No, this isn't a shameless plug!

The trick is to let your skin breathe through its quality cotton and fleece finish. Lighter colors may also factor in, since they reflect the sun's rays instead of absorbing them, keeping you cool and comfy when you're out soaking up the summer vibes.

dinosaur kigurumi onesie

For those days when the heat is just too intense, you might be tempted to roll up your kigurumi onesies. Doing such offers the same level of comfort and fun, but given a bit more, shall we say… breathing room. During cooler parts of the day, semi-rolled kigurumi onesies can still be perfect for lounging around the house, or rocking out at summer night festivals, or running dusk errands without breaking a sweat.

Again, it’s just one side of the coin. When it comes to cozy rainy days (and nights), kigurumi onesies once again return to their default purpose, making the mood even more relaxing and enjoyable. Just picture yourself curled up in your favorite animal onesie, lost in a good book or movie, while a constant gentle downpour creates the perfect soothing atmosphere.

lion kigurumi onesie

(Original Image via Instagram)

And let's not forget about all the fun summer activities that kigurumi are perfect for. Beach bonfires? Backyard camping? Late-night stargazing? The same memory-making parties and sessions, but this time during summer. Just about all of the adaptations kigurumi lovers from tropical countries typically do on warmer months.

Kigurumi also adds a playful touch to your yearly choice roulette. With so many adorable designs to choose from, you can express your personal style and channel your favorite animals that fit the season. Rock a cute bunny onesie while you're out picking wildflowers, or sport a fierce dragon kigurumi as you roast marshmallows over the campfire.

(Original Image via Instagram)

At the end of the day, kigurumi are still about embracing comfort and expressing yourself. So this summer, switch up your fashion rules and step up your choice game. Let these funkier onesies be your go-to for all your adventures in the next few months, whether you're soaking up the sun, dancing in the rain, or anything in between.

Oh, and welcome to summer of 2024.