Happy Father's Day!

Whether your little one is a humanoid, is furry or has the most brilliant scales, Kigurumi is here to celebrate all fathers alike. Fathers bring all sorts of joy into our lives (dad jokes anyone?) and while most like to think dads are more into BBQ-ing or fishing, we think dads can be cute and cuddly too!

Father's Day Pug w/ Dad - Pug Kigurumi

And are we wrong? We know you’ve shot a glance at dads taking their kids to Disney. We can’t deny how we feel when gazing at guys and pups, kittens, you name it. That’s why we’re sure there is a Kigurumi style in our collection that will fit every dad out there. Here are some of our top picks:


Fathers know that the feeling of holding a child in your arms is unmatched – that is, unless you’re a kangaroo and can hold a child in your pouch! The Kangaroo Kigurumi is a perfect fit for the bouncy type, and includes an adorable Joey resting in the pouch. 




Fathering a pug (or any furry critter for that matter) is a huge responsibility, so taking time to cuddle with your fur baby is an excellent way to wind down! Our Pug Kigurumi (like all of our other styles) are super-soft, and comes with a red collar and curled tail so you and your pug can take a doggy nap AND match at the same time!


Ghost Wolf

Perhaps our most elegant kigurumi, the Ghost Wolf is unmatched in terms of style and grace. As its cool-blue eyes peer into your soul, you must be wondering how any other style could be worthy of your father. The Ghost Wolf comes in both the Regular and X-Tall sizes, being the right fit for all kinds of dads.