Tough Friendships Need a Kigurumi Consultation

Last time, we witnessed how Hinata absolutely took the chance to see Asumi's compatibility with a kigurumi. While she was wearing one, the discussion even tilted towards the serious side, as Miss Cure Earth was previously unable to properly define what "cute" really means.

Today, however, it is Hinata herself who will be placed under such philosophical contemplation. The main subject will be completely different, of course, though the main feature of the situation being that it is still "within" a kigurumi.

"Just so you know, there are also students(?) in this cruel world who never gets good grades even if they study."

It was examination results day, and Hinata, being the typical airhead that she is, flunked her test. But instead of keeping her spirits down and awaiting the judgement of the home council, she immediately darts towards the local park.

Apparently, a childhood friend of hers is coming back to town.

"Yep, the town looks as pastel-like as I remember it."

Enter Eriko, Hinata's long-time neighbor. However, as with any typical neighbor-to-neighbor story development, their family eventually had to move somewhere else, and bade goodbye to Hinata. During their time together, they usually dubbed themselves in Western names. Hinata was referred to as Natasha, and Eriko was Elizabeth.

"Hold up Elizabeth, lemme just show pics of my team— I mean friends."
"Natasha, will you... please stop calling me that now?"

Obviously remembering this cherished piece of memory, Hinata still referred to Eriko as Elizabeth when they finally met at the local park. Eriko though, was acting very awkward, not really reciprocating Hinata's enthusiasm. Still understandable at this point, but the peak of the moment came when the subject of new friends came up, to which she finally left abruptly.

It was a missed moment for Hinata, because Eriko was leaving again very soon, and she didn't want her reunion with her childhood friend to end up in such a sour note. As bright and cheerful as she usually was, this definitely shook her.

And so, the home council was summoned to deal with her studies and her immediate situation.

"Yess! My daughter's friends are finally going to knock some sense into her studies!"

Uhh no, the other home council...was summoned.

animal kigurumi talking to her friend

"So, why don't you just keep tabs with her at Discord or something?"
"Discord? Is that better to use than LINE?"

After a storm of a study session, a casual, nonchalant switch to her kigurumi was made during bedtime. And at that time, the council had switched perspectives. Asumi points out the most obvious suggestion of just keeping in touch while away. Hinata then reasons out that this is not directly possible at the moment, since it is the "communication line" that is hard to reestablish, which as we have seen, was cut quite awkwardly.

animal kigurumi talking to her friend

"Well, I did... and I didn't. The hospital staff probably knew me better to be honest."

Nodoka, as the expert of moving in and out of towns due to her condition, was then asked how she kept in touch with her former classmates. She simply told she wasn't exactly able to, and that it was the people at the hospital that she is actually keeping tabs with today.

Looking at this from Hinata's perspective though, she probably wasn't the best person to be asked that question anyway, given the "unique" nature this particular issue for our dear test flunker.

animal kigurumi getting upset

 "Studying for the same school is great and all, but just confront her damn straight."

Chiyu though, she was adamant to take the conclusion towards a confrontation. She strongly urged Hinata to talk to Eriko before it's too late. Indeed, and to be absolutely honest, this is the most obvious solution. 

animal kigurumi

"...she's still not doing anything."

Despite the answer already right in front of her, she still continued to hesitate. True, the tendency to look away at 1-v-1 conversations is natural to everyone. But at least in this case, it is a bit more convincing as it is the usual bubbly character that is confronted with it.

animal kigurumi shocked

"Welp. It's time to get Hinata's ass up and working on her solve her problem."
"Wait, that's my phone! Don't tell me you're going to...!"

Therefore, a shock therapy became the unofficial last resort. Nyatoran fortunately, was quick on the uptake to this realization. He immediately took Hinata's phone and attempted to dial Eriko's number as he got chased around.

animal kigurumi holding her phone

"What does it say?"
"It says, that the third and final act of the episode is done and ready."

With perfect anime timing though, the phone rang at the exact moment with a message notification. Needless to say, it was none other than Eriko, and she asked Hinata through the message to meet her personally at least one more time.

animal kigurumi talking to her friend

"Looks like a flashback scene was all that you needed to mentally prepare yourself."
"Elizabeth and Natasha IZ forever!" "...what?"

The confirmation may have relieved her (or at least convinced her to try), but it seemed to have also given her a second chance to think about their friendship. As corny as that may sound to be, it was all that she needed to lift her spirits up and try one more time.

Tomorrow... was the day of judgment.

"You seriously never thought that I'd feel upset about that moment?"
"...Never did. Sorry."

Aaaaand Eriko revealed how jealous she felt when Hinata bragged about her new friends. That is on top of being unable to deal with the length of time they've been separated. Yep, everyone already saw this coming. But not without HInata almost giving up due to how awkward the first few minutes was.

"Nope. Not totally obvious what has happened there."
"It's about lunchtime already I think."

To summarize though, they eventually reconciled with the power of friendship honesty and long-time bonds. So it was all well and good, apparently for Nodoka, Chiyu, and Asumi as well.

And oh yeah, they also had a forest spirit to rescue that episode,. You know, typical Precure emergency stuff, which also contributed to the conclusion of Hinata's issue, by the way.

The realm of Healin' Good Pretty Cure once again shows its kigurumi prowess.