The Heroic Kigurumi Chapter 04: Your Crisis is Now Just Plot B

Accomplish something notable, and you earn the temporary attention of people. Do more of the unusual thing, and your reputation will follow suit. This is whether you eventually become famous, or infamous.

"Alright boys n' girls, start dismantling."

But do all of these feats in an absolutely attention-grabbing appearance, and your stories will spread through the entire populated region. Soon, even the nobles will start clamoring for your presence.

yuna with her bear kigurumi

"No way! I'm not about to turn my series into some fantasy doujinshi plot!"
"This is an official guild request, and as a member you have to comply!"

Such was the apparent predicament of Yuna. Well, it was not exactly a problem. Quite the opposite, actually. Jumping back to the present time right after she defeated the Black Viper, she got an invitation from a noble who most likely would have heard her exploits from other people within Crimonia. It was an opportunity to establish contact with the upper aristocratic level of society.

king laughing at yuna with her bear kigurumi

"Those types throw you to jail on a whim, take women they like for themselves, or blackmail them, frame others for made-up crimes, extort money from the commoners, and if it can be paid with money, they will abuse the hell out of anything."

But, Yuna thinks completely otherwise. She has a point though. Posh nobles, aristocrats and anyone of regal descent are usually known to be socially negative when it comes to people below their apparent class. Having grown up in our modern 21st-century world, this is even more apparent for her, though she admits that this is also sprinkled with a bit of imaginary elements from previously played video games.

"By the way, speaking as THE guildmaster, I say you're in no legal position to refuse."

Guildmaster Ralok, for the most part, actually agrees. However, he also stated clearly that the current ruler (governor?) of the town of Crimonia is actually kind of a cool dude, and he is willing to vouch for his reputation.

"Besides, you wouldn't want to run away from this town forever right? RIGHT?"

At the very least, he blackmailed her into attending he suggested that she tried visiting anyway, since it was an officially listed request, and the reputation of the guild is at stake.

"No, no, don't mind the inner Kouji. I'm really a personable aristocrat you know."

And so, the scene shifts into the presence of Cliff Foschurose, known to be a stern, fair dude, but one who presents himself as a casual chap "full of curiosity and playful vigor". Indeed, it never seemed like he expected any formal gestures in our kigurumi-clad heroine, who is technically considered as a curious oddity at this point in Crimonia.

bear kigurumi happy seeing someone

"She seemed to be very happy seeing you, and started stalk— I mean admiring you since."

So far, his explanation for knowing our kigurumi heroine Yuna is on point; information gradually spreading as her reputation increases. But more importantly, she got his attention early because of his daughter.

Foreshadowing intensifies in the corner

*Foreshadowing intensifies in the corner*

We... kind of never mentioned it during the last few episodes, but she was the quite-obvious blonde figure just peering off the edge of the presentation stage.

noire appreciates yuna's bear kigurumi

"I can't wait for my scene anymore, can I request my hug now?!"

Cliff formally introduced her as Noire. Apparently Yuna's cute kigurumi bear motif made a really strong and lasting impression on her, that she had been trying to stalk her ever since. Now that she got to meet her, the first order of business...

"This world is trying really making me realize my undiscovered little sister mania."

... is to ask for a very big hug. Yup, even seeing that fluffy kigurumi in 2D, you would definitely understand why Noire had absolutely wanted to do this for the longest time. Although maybe kigurumi not existing in fantasy realms probably also contributed to the exotic factor of Yuna's suit. They eventually settled on a room, where Yuna would tell stories of her notable exploits, namely the defeat of both the Goblin King and Black Viper.

bear kigurumi saying farewell message

"These bears! These two were the ones got me excited back in episode one!"

Also, Noire had another peculiar request for Yuna. She seemed to have witnessed the summoning of the bears Kumakyuu (the white one) and Kumayuru (the black one) we saw in the first episode during some other occasion.

We probably don't even need to see why Noire wanted to make contact with perhaps an even fluffier entity than kigurumi Yuna. And so, they went around the estate, and played around in different ways.

bear kigurumi facing a sword in her face

"I don't really need money, but I can't just hand it over for free you know."

As for Daddy Cliff, his other objective for inviting Yuna was to ask to pay for the Black Viper magic stone. Yuna, ever the MMORPG hoarder, didn't think that was a good idea to sell away her main prize. So she instead offered the Goblin King sword in exchange for a request, a sort of honorary debt.

While the honorary debt isn't exactly a genius move (anyone would probably be able to come up with the idea), it was certainly an important stepping stone for her. Gaining the influence and even the debt of an aristocrat should come in handy in the near future.

"You did already explain to Yuna how impoverished we are right big sis?"
"Yeah, but we weren't given any scenes at home until now."

Moving away from the rich and to the poor, at the residence of Fina their mother Tilmina is literally dying on bed. It seems that she and her little sister Shuri had been frantically running across town the entire time Yuna was at the Foschurose estate. Running for what you ask? A cure most likely, but we're not really sure how they set about trying to do that in the absence of money.

"I guess this is the technical equivalent of C*re versus Es*na for this world."
"Anyway, Gentz! You're giving away too many spoilers right now!"

This seemingly serious part of the episode, where Crimonia's less economically fortunate facet is shown, eventually ended as a very brief, almost forgettable side story. Worse, it was resolved in pretty much the most anticlimactic way: Yuna once again demonstrating the OP properties of her kigurumi.

Not even the foreshadowing and background introductions made during the past episodes could help make this part of the episode more interesting in the anime adaptation. Sorry, Miss Tilmina.

"...Maybe should have just kept my dream as an adventurer."

On the flip side, even Gentz is starting to probably think that Yuna is beyond being human at this point (if not, well he should be). Just think, what else could those hand puppets do? Dupe fish loot in a basket? Transmute beer into ambrosia? Glitch the water into a stepping surface?

bear kigurumi with her gigantic bear friend

Guess we'll have to find out more about that next time in Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear.