The Heroic Kigurumi Chapter 01: When Villagers Don't Take You Seriously

The old saying "don't judge a book by its cover" is universally known in every culture, in any language, regardless of how different the original message is conveyed. Indeed, what you initially perceive as such, may sometimes not actually be what you expect it to be.

This is a story of such adventure.

This is a path where the issue of misunderstanding and wrong first impressions will be the norm. It is the legend, of the unlikely hero Yuna, who doesn't look like a hero in the first place.

A boy desperately opens the door to the Adventurer's Guild. The receptionist welcomes him, and he tries to relay all the details of the emergency as good as he can. The people around the area seem to understand that it is urgent . But, upon hearing the name "Black Viper", not a single soul dared to answer the plea.

Filled with despair he attempts to ask for other options. But the receptionist doesn't have anything that could provide an immediate solution to the problem. As disappointment fills him, someone starts speaking from behind...

"Shall I go then?"

A dark figure of what seems to be a bear appeared. Not only did this person offered to accept the request, but even said that the operation will be done alone, since no other high-level adventurer could respond at that moment.

bear kigurumi looking at someone

"So tell me, how far is the forest of your village from Crimonia?"

When the boy finally gets a clearer picture of this person, he realizes that she's not a bear, but a person wearing the bear! Well... it's actually a black bear kigurumi to be exact. With such a ridiculous outfit for an adventurer, his disappointment starts to creep in once again, hope slowly becoming lost.

bear kigurumi listening to someone

"I will try to do as I suggested. But don't blame me if I start engaging the monster itself."

Noticing this, the bear kigurumi hero Yuna decided to play it down a little bit. She instead proposed a more subdued, plausible approach to the problem. She will scout the area, and report information to the more "normal looking" high-level adventurers once they arrive.

"If this would eventually lead to the village being saved... "

With no other choice, he was forced to agree. Expectation is still rock bottom for him at this point. But compared to doing absolutely nothing, this may be the less tragic option.

animal kigurumi introducing her big pets

"Wait, did a bear just summoned... more bears?"

The first order of business is to get to the village asap. After walking a short distance outside the town, Yuna immediately summons two giant fluffy teddy bears. From the boy's perspective, it seemed like they just appeared out of thin air.

While still struggling to balance himself on the bear, he eagerly points to the direction that she asks. Seeing these fearsome(?) looking bears materialize from nowhere definitely had some awe-inspiring effect, as he now appears to be considerably convinced of her abilities.

bear kigurumi

"I'm here to scout for the Black Viper, and if possible, defeat it."
"Defeat it?! Stop joking around bear kigurumi lady!"

But alas, when Yuna tried to explain why she came there, the boy's father simply laughs in disbelief, then angrily dismisses her claims. Without having witnessed what he just saw earlier, his father simply cannot believe that she could even do anything with the current situation.

bear kigurumi receiving a apology

"I apologize for my dad's actions. Everyone's just... at their limit already."
"Yeah. Can't really do anything about how utterly unconvincing I look."

So, with great frustration at his father's attitude, he apologize. The Yuna simply responds with something along the lines of wanting to keep the boy's efforts worthwhile. Then, she disappears into the direction of the Black Viper.

Can she really defeat that monster on her own...?

bear kigurumi facing a monster

 "Yep. This definitely is way too much for those NPCs... I mean villagers."

... Leaving the boy at the entrance of the village, Yuna finally goes to work in scouting the potential boss monster. It didn't take much long to search, however, as the Black Viper went straight towards her.

bear kigurumi having a super power

"Man, having floating numbers would sure make it easier for me to see if I'm doing anything to it, instead of doing all these tests."

As a veteran adventurer with OP equipment to boot, there's almost no chance that this thing is going to even touch her. But, it seems she is unable to touch it either. None of her attacks so far are working. Nope, not even a point blank full magic blast was able to dent its outer shell.

bear kigurumi pointing out the monster

"My attacks you see, gets more amplified the deeper I trace 'its image' into my mind."
"Oh... and please don't ask why."

Running out of things to directly test against it, she simply falls back to the option of executing the most cliché solution for anything impervious to external damage: you force them to open their insides and then unleash hell from there.

bear kigurumi defeats the monster
bear kigurumi shock

"... Ohh, that looks nice. Now, time to get what I really came here for."

Anticlimactic? Well duh, this is the first episode. Hey, at least her black snake barbeque is finally cooked well and done. All that is left is to strip its body parts dry pick up the spoils of war, and report to the villagers all of the details that she have learned.

bear kigurumi loves children

The villagers naturally rejoiced at the death of the Black Viper, holding a celebration that very same night, thanking their hero deeply. Yuna's unique(?) looks as usual, became the subject of fascination for many of them.

bear kigurumi interacting with her friends

"Yuna, do you even know what 'scouting' means?"
"At this point, I'm not even surprised anymore at that shenanigans that you do."

Back at Crimonia's adventurer HQ, Guildmaster Ralok finally arrived to deal with the situation. But of course, upon hearing Yuna's report, the only thing he could do was to sigh and let things slide.

bear kigurumi talking to her friend

"Quest done already at least, right?"

And so, our Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear kigurumi hero adventures begins...!