Trekking the Snowy Mountain Pass with a Kigurumi

Going up a snowy mountain pass can be a long and treacherous journey. Especially if you're bringing elephants along to serve as transportation. Just ask good ol' Hannibal how his trek through the alps with battle pachyderms turned out.

But apart from the path taken itself, you also need provisions, a few comrades, and the right clothing to meet the harsh weather head on. Of course, standard winterwear is the fare. But, it definitely doesn't hurt to sprinkle a bit of style here and there.

"These Mamoswine are big, sturdy, unfazed by snow, and can even mow down obstacles!"

On their route towards Anistar City, Ash and gang realized that they would have to cross an entire snow mountain first. The common method to traverse the mountain in this area, is to rent a couple of Mamoswine, with a maximum of two passengers per Mamoswine.

"Okay Sir Mamoswine, I need you to tread that straight path until we get to the top."

While their adventures and mishaps across the mountain is an interesting subject to talk about, our main focus for this article will go to none other than Bonnie. Clemont's younger sister is never the type to shy away from any opportunity that she can get to wear a kigurumi, and this turns out to be yet another one of those chances.

pokemon kigurumi riding her friends back

"I'm a Delibird at the moment, so leave all the icy mountain business to me!"

As for her choice? Why a Delibird kigurumi of course! The Pokémon choice doesn't seem to be simply based of its type, which fittingly is Ice/Flying. But the entire profile of the Delibird just seems to be the perfect match for someone trying to cross a snowy mountain.

pokemon kigurumi cheering in the back

"Crossing a flimsy hanging bridge with TWO Manmoswines on it at the same time is the most exciting thing I have experienced ever!"

Fun facts! The natural habitat of Delibirds are mountainous regions, particularly the cold, icy and snowy ones. It makes its nests over sharp cliffs, and doesn't exactly mind extremely tall gaps, and will even live off the highest mountain ranges that it could live in.

"Maybe the Abomasnow trying to protect someone else inside?"

Best of all, Delibirds aren't snobs. Though prioritizing their young is a universal natural instinct as all other living creatures, they will still try to help humans by sharing their food whenever possible. So it is quite normal to see a few of them being good Samaritans to people trying to cross snow mountains.

pokemon kigurumi together with pikachu and friends

"Watch over the sick Snover as we gather the items needed okay?"

Well... maybe there were also a few cute preferences along the way. There are a lot of Ice-type Pokémon that can fit the profile of "snow mountain creature"(?) anyway, so there's most likely a reason why a Delibird was chosen out of all of them. Regardless, we are never in a position to complain at this wonderfully cute sight.

pokemon kigurumi interacting with her friend

"You're telling me you have a machine specifically made for finding snow flowers for this very episode? As expected of your Clemontic Gear big bro!"

Now, back to Bonnie's contribution in the episode. While our Delibird kigurumi-clad lady remained as part of the backseat audience for most the first part of their journey, she was still able to help the team in at least two ways:

pokemon kigurumi looking in the mountains

"That's... a bit too far for my grabbing machine to reach I think."

First, she assisted his brother in finding and obtaining the Mountain Marigolds. Clemont's Snow Flower Finder, while touted to be able to find the flower, was not able to actually pinpoint the specific item it tries to detect. But when they happen upon the coordinates of a very strong signal response, they found it on a rocky side of a high cliff.

pokemon kigurumi enjoying her task
pokemon kigurumi cheering for her friends

"Hey, why don't we keep some of these? They should come in handy sometime."

Bonnie, at her suggestion, was carried upwards using Clemont's grabbing machine in an attempt extend its reach range. Up there, she was able to successfully grab a couple of them.

"Umm guys... I don't think Ash and Pikachu was able to catch their attention well enough for us to execute this obvious sneak attack."

Next, is when Team Rocket arrived for a second time to abduct the Abomasnow for their usual Team Rocket-y world domination plans. They were initially unable to shake their positions away due to Jessie and her Gourgeist acting as a counteroffensive wall. But when Pikachu and Ash went upfront, they got their opening to attempt to retrieve Abomasnow.

"Yup, look this way now Inkay, 'cause your gaze ain't going astray."

Bonnie and her Dedenne didn't exactly took part in the offense, but she was at least able to distract James' Inkay. This then caused Inkay to be unable to dodge the Gourgeist that was being flung towards its direction.

"I don't remember Vine Whip being used in such a suggestive manner."
"Quit yapping and start hurling Clemont!"

With that very brief opening, Clemont's Chespin used its vines to shoot Serena's Braixen towards the balloon. After getting within striking range, Braixen unleashed a Scratch attack that tore the net holding Abomasnow, setting it free.

"Eh? You want to do a combined attack with my Pikachu?"
"Uhh... I don't like where this discussion is going Jessie."

Of course, the obligatory final blow goes to the angry Abomasnow and Ash's Pikachu, sending Team Rocket blasting off once again.

The episode as usual, ends on a happy note with Abomasnow and Snover waving goodbye to our heroes, and the next town already visible on the far horizon. With the snowy mountain out of the way, we also send our farewell to Bonnie's Delibird kigurumi.

Till next time on our kigurumi adventures in Pokemon the Series: XY!