Cuteness, (Probably) Explained with a Kigurumi

The word "cute" has always been a universal term for any most kigurumi. It is, after all, its most fundamental theme, combined with whatever feature you would like it to represent.

Come to think of it, how exactly do we define the word? Some say it is the fundamental appreciation of simpler beauty. Others, speculate that it is the primal instinct of wanting to protect the young. But quite often though, we simply resort to just pointing to whatever it is we find cute, and use it as a general reference. 

animal kigurumi holding a mask

But, if a person is yet to even grasp the concept of appreciating things in such manner, where should we start explaining what "cute" means? This is what Asumi unintentionally set out to answer, and fittingly enough while wearing the very thing that represents it.

"Look, look! I think this one's my best masterpiece yet!"

On this particular today, Hinata is on a roll trying out many different outfits and fashion combinations. Not to herself actually, but to Asumi, who is visibly bewildered at what Miss Sparkle is trying to do. To be fair, Hinata's action and attitude are fairly understandable, given that Asumi is literally the embodiment of "natural born" beauty. Still, one would think that exercising a bit of restraint is the more prudent attitude to take.

animal kigurumi getting hug of her cuteness

"It's like this level of cuteness is perfectly blended just for you!"

Everything went on quite normally, until she lets Asumi try out one particular outfit that we already saw at the beginning of this blog post: a purple cat kigurumi. This one had a look and feel that is not too far off from our very own usual pastel dream kigurumi. Though of course, it had its own taste of "generic-but-specific", which is tailored exclusively for this episode.

animal kugurumi holding a cat mask

"Where in the world did you even buy that?"
"Try this on, I promise it would make you look even cuter!"

In fact, it was actually quite the attention grabber that Nyatoran even bluntly asks where Hinata even managed to buy something like that. Ignoring him completely, she then proceeded to hand over an animal-themed handheld mask to add as a finishing touch to the kigurumi outfit.

"So, what exactly... does 'cute' mean?"

Suddenly, Asumi pops in the question.

Specifically, she asked what exactly is the difference of "liking someone or something" versus " finding someone or something cute". Though The rest of the gang were somewhat surprised, they kind of immediately understood why she was curious to know.

animal kigurumi talking to her friend

"Cute is... being cute, I guess."

As Chiyu pointed out, Asumi only learned to appreciate the true meaning of liking someone or something recently, with Nodoka pointing out that the two things are indeed quite similar. 

"Cute is when you start liking something!"
"Uhh, 'cute things' and 'things that you like' don't exactly line up in your case Rabirin."

Everybody then scrambled to form their own conclusions on the matter. Hinata just straight up says that anything cute is anything that is very huggable. Rabirin states that things that are cute eventually become things that you like. Chiyu attests that experience might be the key to understanding its definition.

"To be fair, Raté is already cute on her own. But we need more emphasis."

More wildly, Hinata even asked her big sis Mei to set up a "cute visual arrangement" for Raté. Her big sis, of course, obliged at this very enticing opportunity, the final product of which is then presented to Asumi.

"Thank you, for making Raté this happy."

... Though unfortunately Asumi completely misunderstood the context.

"Ah crap, almost forgot that I have to help out at the clinic today."

With the meaning still not properly defined for Asumi, business hours at the Animal Clinic has officially started for Hinata.

As for the rest of the episode? Oh, it was just some mad sentient corn-in-a-cob that started wreaking havoc on the harvesting fields. All four of them are once again called into action, and as usual, respond on-site,

Needless to say, our PreCure heroines managed to save the day once again.

"Hinata, I think this 'cute' feeling is starting to well up inside me right now."

Perhaps notably in the end at least, this is also where Asumi finally starts to understand the word "cute". Through his new lower life form friend, Pochitto.

Yup. It would seem that Healin' Good Pretty Cure did end on Hinata's original "huggable" definition for what "cute" really means after all.