The Heroic Kigurumi Chapter 02: How to Tame Your Outer Bear

The most common meme-like situation in any RPG that visibly shows your equipment, is that when the player uses ridiculous looking garments and armaments, and proceeds to wreck every story scenario with it.

bear kigurumi talking to her doll

But, what if the game actually hands you over the "ridiculous" outfit, and tells you to wear it. No, even worse, the game actually forces you to wear it. Pretty bad situation right?

Well, not unless you have the potential to become the most badass player in terms of raw equipment capability.

"Oh cool. I high-level login freebie eh. Lemme choose a treasure box asap."

Just like any ordinary day, Yuna logs in with her usual avatar to log into the virtual realm of World Fantasy Online. Something's different though. She was greeted by a totally-not-suspicious maid NPC, instructing her to choose one from the set of treasure chests to get a special login reward. The condition though, is that she cannot know beforehand the contents of the treasure boxes that she needs to choose from.

"Bear Set."

Delighted but wary of the uncertainty of the choice, she randomly chooses one of the boxes. Out came... you guessed it, a complete bear kigurumi equipment set, which includes hand puppets and matching footgear!

"All stat bonus per user level, auto HP/MP recovery, PLUS insane magic resistance?!"
"But... it looks so lame!"

Anyone who is even just a bit into gaming would immediately understand just how godly this equipment set is. And depending on who got it, they might even totally dig the kigurumi theme unlike Yuna.

"Yep, not wearing this lame outfit anytime soon."
"By the way Miss Yuna, we need you to answer a short survey."

Understandably though, even with the incredible stats of the equipment, she was not encouraged to use it, and opted to throw it in the storage to be "saved for later". She then started answering these few questions from the strange NPC:

Do you find World Fantasy Online more enjoyable than the real world?

"Of course it's more fun here. Things in the real world are kind of bothersome anyway."

Do you have someone dear to you in the real world?

"Never really thought about that."

Do you hold something dear in the real world?

"Just money, I guess."

Do you believe in God?

"At the very least I believe in myself much more. Made it this far on my own anyway."

Lastly, do you think this Bear (kigurumi) equipment is cute?

"Well, I do think it's quite cute."

"Thank you very much. Now please enjoy your new world."

Parting with some rather typical NPC-esque, yet somehow unnerving words, the maid NPC finally finished the query. It was time to log in the game for real.

The problem is, what came after... wasn't the typical login sequence for World Fantasy Online.

bear kigurumi

"What? I just said that I didn't want to equip this lame thing a second ago!"

She woke up to an unfamiliar region, with hand puppets stuck to her hand, and yes, the bear kigurumi set already equipped onto her. She was understandably shaken for a good long moment, but she was able to quickly get a hold of herself to try to asses the bewildering situation.

bear kigurumi

"Oh well, let's just check my stats with this new suit... wait, where's everything else?" 

Turns out that not only was she forced to equip the Bear set, but her level, and most of her progress in World Fantasy Online was reset as well. Even worse, some PM sent by someone named "God", immediately explained the situation for her:

bear kigurumi upset

"Congratulations Yuna-chan! I, the entity you apparently don't need, hereby appoint you to reside in the world that I am currently managing. Enjoy your stay!"

Looks like someone specifically took Yuna's answers to the query by heart. In any case, she had no time to think about it further. She needs to figure out how to use her new equipment set before anything bad happens.

bear kigurumi being attack by wild animal
bear kigurumi pinching wolf's head

"Did I just pick up some legendary stick? Nah, I guess it's this bear kigurumi." 

bear kigurumi surprise a kid

"Are going to eat me, Miss Bear?" "Umm, how exactly do I look... oh that's right."

Thankfully, the Bear kigurumi set somewhat demonstrated itself a few seconds later. As expected, it is as OP as its description and stats, knocking out standard mobs in one hit, even saving a random town girl from a pack of Wulfs. Though, of course, the questionable nature of her suit remains.

bear kigurumi getting introduce with her friend
bear kigurumi standing in the mirror

"This game(?) even managed to replicate my actual self? Wow."

Yuna then brought the girl back to town, who introduced herself as Fina. She learned that the town's name was Crimonia, and gained acquaintance of some of the folk there.

While staying at the town inn, she also realized that she is no longer in the form of her in-game avatar for World Fantasy Online. Facing her in the mirror, is her actual, real-world self, further giving evidence that this "new world" is indeed what it really is. Which also automatically explains why her game progress was lost.

bear kigurumi

"Alright then Mr. Almighty Entity, I'll get a really good feel of the gift you left me here."

The next day, she set out to try and learn more about how to use her new equipment and combat system. While the base stats of the suit is already OP, Yuna discovered several more abilities when she tested the suit on the field.

bear kigurumi in the mountains

Extreme strength and speed: Check.

bear kigurumi preparing for a fight

Elemental magic using direct thoughts: Check

bear kigurumi being attack by the enemy

Damage enhancement by focusing on a bear image: ... Check?

bear kigurumi getting tired

"Crap. I can't use my bare hands, and always need to use these bear hands."

All abilities are of course negated once the Bear kigurumi set is taken off. Meaning for now, she has no choice but to rely on it.

bear kigurumi writing in her notebook

"Job Class huh. What's mine anyway? Bear? Guess I'll just write that and see."

On a different note, she also learned about the adventurers guild in Crimonia. Needless to say, she decided to join, classic MMORPG player style. Though it's mostly because she needed the Guild Card that's awarded to registered adventurers.

bear kigurumi holding a card

"Name: Yuna. Age: Fifteen. Job Class: Bear? Umm... okay! you're registered Yuna-san."
"Well that answered my question quickly."

For her final activity of that episode, she decided to clear a few beginner quests in order to both raise her "adventurer rank" (quest reputation) and to earn money.

bear kigurumi facing a big body of water
bear kigurumi talking in her friend
bear kigurumi shaking hand

"Well, she works hard at least. My Bear kigurumi set would be more useful in protecting her than manually learning dismantling skills anyway. Maybe."

Everyone back at the adventurers guild were in awe to what this newbie has accomplished in a very short span of time. But most importantly, Yuna decided to partner with Fina to help her dismantle materials from mobs. A fine partnership I'd say, if not for Fina's tendency to unnecessarily get in trouble. How was she even surviving before Yuna arrived in that world?

bear kigurumi leading the crowd

"Hmm, I think calling him 'goblin' was way too high of an expectation."

Oh, and that dude who challenged her while she was registering also got wrecked pretty much instantly.

Will there more exciting things in store for Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear next time?