When Your Usual Kigurumi Suddenly Makes You a Surrogate Parent

Getting up close with wildlife during camping trips can be either exciting and scary, depending on the fauna that you are going to encounter. You wouldn't exactly want coyotes walking around your campsite in wait, but there is a sense of tranquility to watching deer from afar.

But, how about great outdoor incidences that are both exciting and scary? The probability may be unlikely, but certainly not zero. Even wackier, if everything happened while you are still in your special signature kigurumi.

pokemon kigurumi hearing weird noises

"Weird noises...? Well, Good thing this is Pokémon so I can safely investigate it."

In the dead of the night, Bonnie was about to drink at the nearby river outside their camp, when she noticed something splashing wildly and crying nearby.

pokemon kigurumi lifting a pokemon in the water

"Hmm, based on your digital cry sound effect, you're a... Rampardos!"

We're not sure if she immediately realized that it was a Tyrunt, but the it at least seems to have immediately imprinted on Bonnie's identity. Well, not because she's the first creature it saw, but she was actually wearing her original Tyrantrum kigurumi at the time of its rescue.

"I've head of visitations during camping before, but not like this!"

In any case, it seemed that she had some time to assess the situation and let the Tyrunt do its thing, because she did not wake up anyone at least until the crack of dawn. And when she did, however, everyone was immediately startled at the big Rock/Dragon Pokémon baby in front of them. 

"Tyrunts aren't exactly programmed to spawn in this specific route though."
"Oh and the Pokédex somehow says it evolves if it gets extremely desperate."

As expected of his brother, Clemont was able to immediately feel suspicion at the sight of a Pokémon that is seemingly outside its natural habitat. Though, at the time, he simply dismissed it to Ash as being "unusual". He did try to point out to Bonnie about the Tyrunt/Tyrantrum kigurumi connection, which she apparently still haven't realized yet until now.

"Oh, stop being such a crybaby. You're several times stronger than I am, you know!"

Without any clue about is actual origin, they decided to just let it hang out with them for a while. And as expected, this monstrous baby just wrecks everything that it runs through.

pokemon kigurumi brushing her pokemon

For one thing, it's way too big for any body maintenance work, though it seems Bonnie doesn't mind too much.

It's also not capable of controlling its own rampage-like behavior when excited.

pokemon kigurumi overthrown by her pokemon

...And it still managed to "take down" Bonnie even after the game is finally over.

pokemon kigurumi sharing a food with pokemons

"Thanks for the food, Serena."

Uncontrollable strength aside though, both the surrogate trainer and the Tyrunt are already comfortable enough with each other within pretty much just a single day. So much so, that they already seem like partners, especially with Bonnie still wearing the Tyrantrum kigurumi.

But things... are about to get worse, as with any episode with this series.

pokemon kigurumi getting caught by team rocket

"Give it back? We originally stole this Tyrunt FYI."
"Wait, what?"

So where's the story conflict? Well, it turns out that the reason why a Tyrunt suddenly appeared in an area where it's not supposed to, is because it was initially stolen by Team Rocket from a nearby research center. It fell from the balloon contraption as it struggled to escape, where it was subsequently found by Bonnie that night.

pokemon kigurumi getting out of the trap by her pokemon strenght

"Hand this Tyrunt over? Over my tattered Tyrantrum kigurumi!"

And so, James and Jessie attempted to fully take the Tyrunt "back". Needless to say, neither Bonnie nor the Tyrunt is going to have any of it. Because this time, its rampaging tendencies are going to be their best weapon against Team Rocket.

pokemon kigurumi carrying a baby pokemon

 "Go Dedenne! Pretty sure that Dark-type attacks won't be as effective on you."
"Fainted even with 50% resistance? Ah well, just open the way for us, Tyrunt."

Aaaand its Pokémon battle time! Gourgeist directly engaged Dedenne. When it didn't work out, Tyrunt charged his way through, with Bonnie and the rest following after. 

pokemon kigurumi celebrating her win after defeating the enemy

"Good thing they didn't have something that can work against these holes."

This is where Bonnie thought of using the whack-a-mole game they did earlier using Bunnelby's Dig technique. It managed to distract and sap the stamina of Team Rocket long enough to allow them to continue their escape.

pokemon kigurumi reaching her pokemon getting caught
pokemon kigurumi holding her pokemon

"We're actually pretty nice for not just letting this Magic Hand punch you out of the way to get to the Tyrunt, you know."

In the end though, Team Rocket forced their way using their good ol' contraptions. The Magic Hand dexterously took hold of the flailing Tyrunt and took it away once again... but not before Bonnie managed to catch a ride with it.

pokemon kigurumi falling in the sky
pokemon kigurumi falling in the sky

"Though, we're not really nice enough not to give you a soft landing after halting our plans for this long."

Without any ground to do anything but hold on tight to the Tyrunt, Team Rocket simply used another Magic Hand, picked Bonnie up, and dropped her out of the sky.

pokemon kigurumi saved by her pokemon from falling in the sky
pokemon kigurumi sitting in her pokemon's hand

"You evolved? But you're barely even level 39! Well, it is daytime though."

Tyrunt was suddenly faced with a situation that it extremely didn't want. Then, true to its Pokédex entry, this became the catalyst for it to evolve to Tyrantrum. With the Pokémon held by the Magic Hand now several times bigger, it easily crushed the machine in a single bite, used its lower air resistance to accelerate downward, and save Bonnie just in time.

pokemon kigurumi saying goodbye with her pokemon
pokemon kigurumi receiving pokeball

"Just when I... finally decided to keep him..."

When the scientists at the nearby research center approached them and explained the situation, Clemont's earlier doubts finally became clear to Bonnie and the rest; that the Tyrunt was a member of the facility, and is thus already partnered to another trainer. She can't keep it, even if she absolutely wanted to.

"You're a Tyrantrum now, so don't let yourself be pampered too much, okay?"

A bittersweet ending that's for sure. But, as heartbroken as she was, Bonnie was still able to do the right thing, and accepted the fact that she cannot take the now-evolved Tyrantrum with their travels. She left the comb she often used to groom Tyrunt to the researchers, and asked them to keep it tidy as she did yesterday.

So long for now, dear Tyrantrum, and till next time on our kigurumi adventures in Pokemon the Series: XY!