If I Was You, I’d Wanna be a Giraffe, Too!

Meghan Trainor Wears Giraffe Kigurumi Onesie in Music Video Me Too

Meghan Trainor just broke the Internet with the release of her new music video "Me Too," which shows her dancing around in our giraffe onesie! It's such a fun look that Teen Vogue and Rolling Stone have already written about her onesie. The Teen Vogue title says it all: "You Have to See What Meghan Trainor Wore in Her 'Me Too' Music Video." 

Doesn't she look so cute in it? We just want to give her a big hug!


Wondering where she got it? You can pick up Meghan Trainor's giraffe onesie right at www.kigurumi.com. We carry these fun Japanese onesies for both adults and kids, so we've got you covered, no matter how old (or young at heart) you are! Those stubby little horns are just so fun and cute!


And if you'd like to do a creative riff on the giraffe onesie look, we have a whole set of new kigurumi onesies for the summertime - a blue unicorn, a dinosaur, a red panda, and even Mori Chack's Gloomy Bear. We've got over 100 styles - our new bestseller, though, is almost certain to be that giraffe onesie worn by Meghan Trainor.



Uncertain of how to pull off the Meghan Trainor giraffe onesie look? People are wearing kigurumi onesies as they lounge around the house, head out for a night on the town with their friends, or hang out weekend outdoor festivals. They're simply irresistible and extremely instagrammable.

Meghan Trainor Wears Giraffe Kigurumi Onesie in Music Video Me Too

Of course, you don’t have to wear these cute giraffe kigurumis the way Meghan does – by rocking out in your car on the way to work or school (although we'd love to see the reaction of corporate bosses when their employees start showing up as unicorns, bears and pandas on a Casual Friday).

Most people love to wear these Japanese onesies the way they would regular pajamas, since they're so comfortable and warm. They're all designed in Japan and made from high-quality fleece, meaning there's a lot of attention to detail and craftsmanship, ensuring that you'll stay warm and snuggly whenever you wear them. And all of our animal onesies have pockets! 

Giraffe Kigurumi Onesie Adult Costume Pajamas

We love Meghan Trainor and we love her new song "Me Too" – Teen Vogue calls it an "empowering anthem" featuring a catchy hook ("If I was you, I'd wanna be me, too") and we love that she used the giraffe onesie to embody that theme. We agree with Meghan - it's time that more people learn to embrace their inner giraffe!