Kigurumis take over The Tonight Show

We just found out what happens when a giraffe meets a dinosaur...

We couldn’t help but swoon when Meghan Trainor wore a giraffe kigurumi in her new music video, “Me Too”, but there’s hardly a reaction GIF for what we felt when, appearing on the Tonight Show, she convinced host Jimmy Fallon to don a green dinosaur onesie while conducting his interview.

Meghan Trainor and Jimmy Fallon in Kigurumi

And there you had it—perhaps the only time you’ll ever see two celebs dressed up as a giraffe and dinosaur on prime time TV, sharing a few laughs with their fans while catching up on recent events. We love it when people in the limelight don’t take themselves too seriously, and what better way to demonstrate that than by dressing up as a couple of mismatched animals on national late night TV?

Meghan Trainor and Jimmy Fallon in Kigurumi

Obviously we’re a little biased, seeing as these onesies are probably our favorite thing in the world, but can you blame us? The same giraffe and dinosaur kigus seen on the show are two of our bestsellers, but there are actually over 100 different styles for all sizes and ages. (If you're curious about the name "kigurumi", it loosely translates from Japanese as “wearing stuffed toy.” They’re big in Japan!) 

There’s really no place where they can’t be worn—they’re warm and snuggly enough to wear around the house, but also loose-fitting enough to throw over a coat or sweater. Check the hashtag #hellokigurumi on Instagram for more fan photos—we’ve seen them in some pretty unexpected places, from snowboarding to surfing to hanging upside down on a playground (we’ve got a bat onesie that’s perfect for this).

Plus, now that it’s getting a little chillier, it’s what lots of onesie lovers consider the very best season to rock the kigurumi look. They make excellent Halloween costumes for a whole bunch of reasons: they’re one-piece, warm, layerable, and adorable (and some are even spooky, like the skeleton)! They’re designed with so much attention to detail that their craftsmanship makes them seriously stand out from the plastic costumes you can find in typical costume stores.

Tonight Show Dinosaur Onesie

Find us on Facebook and Instagram at @hellokigurumi for more ideas on how to style and where to wear these year-round perfect get-ups. Whether you’re just lounging around at home or heading out for a fun concert or festival, there’s no better way to express your inner creativity and individuality than showing up in a kigurumi!