Welcome to Our First Batch of Twitch Streaming Affiliates!

Featured image credit by 武シノブ (@takesinobu) via Twitter

We had just recently opened our affiliate program for influencers and content creators interested in showcasing kigurumi onesies to the world. This time, we proudly introduce our very first members, speaheading the comfy goodness that we all know and love.


loosh profile twitch
fox kigurumi onesie loosh twitch

Loosh mostly streams a balanced combination of competitive game sessions and chill long-play RPG sessions, with titles such as Overwatch (2), Persona 5, and even more classic ones such as Kingdom Hearts 2. She occasionally likes to cosplay, hence her natural enthusiasm for kigurumi onesies. Also a member of the streamer group Digital Kittens.


asterixks profile twitch
korilakkuma kigurumi onesie asterixks twitch

Asterixks is a self-confessed introvert, despite always having a boatload of information to share with others. Eventually began to be "stuck" with streaming, surrounded by a wonderful group of friends, supporters, and followers. Mostly streaming Pokemon Scarlet and Violet as of this blog's posting.


vibeyvee profile twitch

VibeyVee is a casual streamer who likes to entertain with a good variety of content. True to her Twitch name, she got all the vibes to just chill and have fun with her mates and watchers through all her sessions. After all, she works best via community interactions, always giving a hand to those willing to "sync" with her relaxing moments.


dragon kigurumi onesie ivydoomkitty twitch

Platform: Twitch
IvyDoomkitty has already proven her caliber many times in the cosplay scene (as well as other similar professions), and as such is already a well-known aficionado of kigurumi onesies. Her streams also provide a wide variety of content, but is most often seen doing baking/cooking streams.