The Duality of Being Left Out in Kigurumi Onesies

Have you ever experienced the awkward situation of brining your favorite kigurumi onesie to an event, expecting everyone to do the same, only to end up realizing that nobody else brought theirs. Even with the versatility and universality of kigurumi onesies, you can't help but feel embarrassed, doubting that wearing them was even a good idea in the first place.

Generally speaking, you have two primary options to deal with this situation. The first one is to lay down your arms, and eventually be forced to settle down without your kigurumi onesie. The second is to accept the awkwardness and keep your kigurumi onesie completely intact.

In this brief blog, we shall enumerate the pros and cons of each choice, through the eyes of Mahiro Oyama (and Asahi Ooka), who had the wonderful opportunity to experience both things in two different perspectives.

Realizing you're the only one

wolf kigurumi trick or treat

It was the Halloween mishap. After beinga ambushed by Mihari dressed in a zombie costume, Mahiro was reminded of the occassion and was notified that they are going to celebrate it at the Hozuki residence. Without any other scenes added, we are brought to the moment when the two siblings finally reach the residence.

A knock on the door. Then the cute being shown above pops right out, front and center:

wolf kigurumi kaede hug

Kaede definitely appreciated the gesture, as she immedately hugged wolf kigurumie onesie-clad Mahiro to her absolute delight. But as you already expect, none of them were in costume, and the party wasn't themed that way to begin with. Mahiro then had to borrow some of Momiji's clothes for the rest of the night.


  • Less awkwardness, since your dress code returns to what is perceived as normal. Do take note that this is mainly just a personal feeling though. This has no effect on others.
  • Less attention to yourself. Probably better for those not used to a onesie's attention grabbing potential. You expected everyone to be doing the same anyway, to be fair.


  • Theme is still effectively lost, since you still decided to take off the kigurumi onesie.
  • Comfy factor is gone. The party was just a small personal gathering at least. But in a larger one, would rather have chosen a trendier but less comfortable change of clothes instead?
  • Cuteness also gone. Do we even need to elaborate on this?

Not caring if you're the only one

dinosaur kigurumi roar

In another separate occassion, everybody agreed to do an overnight stay at the Oyama residence. For this occasion, Asahi chose to wear what seems to be a dinosaur kigurumi onesie. The rest of the gang choosing pretty typical sleep wear for any other normal night.

The situation is, of course, quite different in this one. For one thing, without any dress code that they unanimously agreed on, Asahi never had any pressure to change her clothes, especially since thematically, all of them chose a different type of sleep wear.

dinosaur kigurumi snore

Still, however, being the most colorful out of the bunch, Asahi still sticks like a sore thumb, and has the most strikingly noticeable sleepwear out of all of them in this episode.


  • Not a problem at all in small groups. If nobody agrees on a single theme anyway, the conspicuous factor of a kigurumi onesie becomes a positive point for its wearer.
  • Comfy while being thematic. You get to wear a single piece of sleepwear that is already soft, nice to the touch, circulates air easily, and maintains body heat.


  • All attention is laser-focused on you, since you're the only one who decided to keep the onesie. Prepare an endless barrage of witty comebacks to any sensible questions that come your way.
  • Might be harder to navigate the place. Since it wasn't actually intended for people wearing whole body suits, you may find it a bit harder to move around a crowd. Be careful of extra snags if you're wearing a bird-themed kigurumi onesie.

Conclusion: define your own terms

A third option for the first situation might be just to keep the kigurumi onesie until it is ready to be worn, and for the second situation to bring a simple extra. But seriously though, that does not dismiss the fact that kigurumi onesies are still their own thing. If you feel comfortable enough with it and the occasion is not too serious, the go for it.

quadruple dinosaur kigurumi
Otherwise, you may have to combine both third options to keep the extra until it is ready to be worn.

Series and image references: Onii-chan wa Oshimai! (お兄ちゃんはおしまい!)