Korean Stage Groups and Kigurumi Onesies? Sign Me Up!

Featured image credit by YOS2K via Pixiv

Previously, I showcased some of the Korean entertainment groups that had the same bright idea of wearing kigurumi onesies for their performances. There is no clear pattern for the occasion when these onesies were used. Some were worn while recording a music video. Some during interviews. A few instances even showed them wearing the kigurumi oneies during a broadcasted live studio performance.

And for this blog, we shall show at least two more situations and instances where they are used in the same fashion. And no, we don't need to learn the intricacies and details of this phenomenon. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy!

TWICE hyping their dedication to cuteness with kigurumi onesies

twice dragon kigurumi squirrel kigurumi

Tzuyu is notably one of the non-Korean members of the Korean girl group TWICE, but this isn't really any hindrance to the popularity of the group. One very notable case where this fact became prominent, though, was during a fansigning event in 2016. She was wearing a flying squirrel kigurumi onesie, but wasn't exactly sure if that is really the case.

twice tzuyu squirrel kigurumi

When asked, fellow member Jungyeon responded with the Korean word for squirrel (다람쥐, ""daramjwi"). Perhaps in preparation for a response to fans, Tzuyu writes the word on her palm so as not to forget the word.

twice duck kigurumi rabbit kigurumi

The rest of them wore mythically-themed kigurumi onesies, with Jungyeon herself wearing a dragon kigurumi onesie variant.

BTS being absolute lovable dorks in kigurumi onesies

bts shark kigurumi dragon kigurumi
BTS does a similar gig in 2018, but this time during a live concert event, where ever one of them swooned their audiences for the entire session using probably the most brightly colored kigurumi onesies that they could ever find.

bts rabbit kigurumi

They can coordinate well with practiced moves while donning wild and fantastic kigurumi onesies that don't even need to match the color of the animal theme shown.

bts rabbit kigurumi 02

A bit of hyping up the audience also works very effectively. To the point that you don't even need to incorporate standard concert "etiquette". Just do what you find is the cutest, and the performance will flow naturally on its own.

bts koala kigurumi elegant duck kigurumi
Lastly, if the opportunity allows you to be fabulous, do it in the best and most bombastic way that you can ever be. Playing it straight makes it all the better!