Kigurumi Onesies and Nature... Once Again!

Featured image credit by りーべ (ribero) via Pixiv

Kigurumi onesies and nature seems to be an obligatory combination of sorts. The themes of most these onesies are based on animals anyway. So posing for a nice shot in the serene greenery of a forest always brings out their photogenic potential, most of the time.

Of course, you don't just slap a kigurumi theme and a forest randomly without thinking about the specific animals. Even if we are to use more outlandish types like dinosaurs and dragons, or even try to match licensed ones, you still need to stick with land-based ones at least.

If not, there's a good chance we'll go straight into surreal territory, and perhaps that's an entirely different genre of its own.

Hoppity Dinosaurs and Winter Shrubbery

dinosaur kigurumi onesie winter forest

Yep, that's as natural as it gets... I think. The gleeful hop matched by the previously enjoyable winter landscape is all the context that we need to know for this scene. The boots tell another story of course, but I personally would rather have been safe with the right matching equipment, than realize that the trek may be far more grueling than I could ever physically imagine. (Original Post)

Doubling the Trouble in a River

meowth kigurumi onesie river forest pokemon

Well look at that. Even occasionally we find Meowth in his element when thrown into the thick of the wilds like this. Maybe he's out to catch some fishes for lunch? Scouting for good river Pokemon to capture? Eh, it looks like he's just getting his well-deserved outdoor vacation. (Original Post)

Snorlax Getting in the Way as Usual

snorlax kigurumi onesie forest waterfull trunk

Speaking of someone getting in their element, our guy over here is doing a rather perfect Snorlax impression, both by dozing off in some random location, and that location being somewhere that adventurers might attempt to cross (lean on?). Not sure how long that pose is sustainable, however, even if it does look cozy out there. (Original Post)

Sloths be Just Chillin' and Hangin'

sloth kigurumi onesie tree

Imagine being the slowest animal in the world. Now, imagine having to make that same stupid pose for the entire day without rest, maybe without even blinking. Just kidding. But at least the idea works! Plus the recreation is 100% faithful to the original, down to the color scheme and... whatever is it that you're trying to do to keep your "arboreal" balance in check. (Original Post)

A Rather 'Colorful' Family Walk in the Woods

mouse dinosaur rabbit red panda kigurumi onesie forest

A mouse, dinosaur, rabbit, and red panda all decided to take a friendly walk at the nearby forest on that fateful Sunday. No, this isn't the plot for a new Disney movie. Not an brand new Aesop fable. Not even the script for some wierd, indie slasher film. It's a simple "little spring adventure" for everyone! You need to bring the correct footwear for the occasion of course. Ain't that right, mister dinosaur? (Original Post)