The Homecoming Bear Kigurumi

It’s been quite a long ride since featuring one of the most focused kigurumi onesie-based series we know so far. But Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear never did officially conclude, nor was the anime adaptation intended to simply end on a single cour as promotional material. After all, the second was actually known to be greenlit as soon as the first season ended.

Thus we waited. And waited. Witnessed the birth of a few new isekai shows. Then waited some more.

Today, the wait is finally over with Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear Punch! Well, technically we are about five weeks late as of this blog’s writing. But we’d at least like to provide the highlights in brief, and a montage of what was new and fresh.

bear kigurumi kuma punch E1 01

Yuna’s reputation as the bear kigurumi onesie girl is getting firmer and firmer. To the point that other people are starting to treat her and her suit as one, not just the local guild office clerk.

bear kigurumi kuma punch E1 02

Business is thriving as usual. In fact, their bear café is as popular as ever, with lots of customers and shall we say, spirited volunteers(?) making sure that everything is working well without too much (external) stress.

bear kigurumi kuma punch E1 03

An immediate problem occurs via the impending honey supply storage issue. It was first reported to be a procurement issue, stated to be a difficulty in getting the quantities needed from where they usually get it from.

bear kigurumi kuma punch E1 04

Yuna’s quite hesitant, since it doesn’t really concern her directly. But since nobody’s willing to take on the rumored “herd” of orcs, she decided on a brief scouting errand.

bear kigurumi kuma punch E1 05

…. and wouldn’t you know it, there are actually bears in this world. Oh my dear Yuna, why else would the townspeople refer to you as such? The local bears are the true guardians of this “honey tree”, but the orcs took over and started beating them out.

bear kigurumi kuma punch E1 06

Yuna again hesitates. She doesn’t know if the bears are going to be the next problem after she takes care of the orcs. But, after witnessing a cub getting kicked, she springs into action.

bear kigurumi kuma punch E1 07

Back at the adventurer’s guild hall, a caretaker explains that the bears are in a cooperative relationship with the owners of the land. Cliff did not know this, as the caretaker thought that he would order the bears to be eliminated. Yuna fixes this potential conflict rather quickly by using a few favors.

bear kigurumi kuma punch E1 08

After this, she was summoned to meet the royal family with Cliff’s wife, Ellelaura. Oh, nothing important, just something about unintentionally writing and spreading her autobiography, plus an escort request, which would most likely eat up the next couple of episodes moving forward.