Important Kigurumi Announcement This Coming Halloween 2023

(Featured image: via Instagram)

As you may have already known, we pride ourselves on seasonal thematic designs. After all, this is where we could put our creative points to work most broadly, unhindered by what we can consider limitations in stock, or the available suitable items. We might get tangled in licensing messes from time to time, but at least we can still guarantee that your next Christmas or New Year’s celebrations would still have a new kigurumi onesie twist in them.

But alas, sometimes creative availability just turns out to be so much more challenging than it seemed to be. And so this year, we might not have the same section size for Halloween-focused kigurumi onesies. It is unfortunate, but we have to admit that we were quite behind on our designs for the year 2023.

 skeleton kigurumi onesie blue unicorn kigurumi onesie

Of course, for those who are still new, or those a bit behind as well in collecting these kigurumi onesies as well, would definitely still have a blast with our remaining inventory for the next big seasonal affair. Stock availability for the overall list would also be pretty fine, and some of the more thematically relevant ones might even be subjected to promos.

It’s just that you’re quite out of luck if you are someone expecting a fresh menu in the last quarter of the year. After this, don’t worry. We’ll make sure things get up to snuff again the last big seasonal event for your kigurumi onesie this year.

gengar kigurumi onesie

(via Instagram)

Again, we are deeply sorry for the inconvenience, and hope to serve you better very, very soon.