Are Panda Parade Kigurumi Onesies Just as Good as SAZAC?

Well, this has been the relentless query for quite some time. As you may now, SAZAC is Japan's most popular Kigurumi manufacturer. Widely considered as the generator of the kigurumi onesie trend we know and love today, the company has historically set the standard for how kigurumi should be.

For people planning to purchase our kigurumis, it is an understandable concern as to whether the quality could match the same standards.

To answer that quickly, yes, and here's a bit of elaboration to explain why.

 cow kigurumi onesie cow kigurumi onesie

First is the material quality. Panda Parade ensures that the highest quality materials are also used for their kigurumi. This guarantees fundamentally that the quality matches (and maybe exceeds?) the quality of SAZAC kigurumi onesies.

 panda kigurumi onesie panda kigurumi onesie

Second is the build quality. Panda Parade kigurumi are constructed to technical perfection. Why else would it be confusing when paired side-to-side with a similarly kigurumi?

 raccoon kigurumi onesie raccoon kigurumi onesie

As a bonus, because Panda Parade kigurumi onesies are locally available, we can make them cheaper and of higher in quantity! Of course, this may be where most of the concerns about quality are made. But don't fret! Our goal is always to offer the higher quality. We found a way to do that at a cheaper price without compromising our standards.

Finally, we offer a guarantee on all of these kigurumi, which isn't something we could ever offer before. If you're at all unhappy about the quality of your kigurumi just let us know and we'll make it right!