Merry Kigurumi Christmas of 2023!

(Featured image credit by にどね (ruu) via Pixiv)

What are year it has been for us kigurumi onesie aficionados. I mean, at this point it's quite routine for most of us to go through the seasons with the selections we absolutely adore and love.

Yet, we still have new experiences year per year. New themes of kigurumi onesies that were explored. Heck, some of you might even have extended wishlists unrecognizable from last year!

And so, once again, we wish everyone a Merry kigurumi Christmas (or Christmas kigurumi? Ah well.), as we then welcome the next year of 2024!

reindeer kigurumi onesie

(Image credit by Naretsuro via Pixiv)

 Happy Holidays!