Got Our Upcoming Kigurumi Onesies Pre-Ordered Already?

We're not done just yet! If you have already noticed a few weeks ago, there's an entire set of upcoming (new and recurring) kigurumi onesies that were recently added to our catalog. We will take a brief rundown of some of them, just to show which ones are available for pre-order.

Click on the names to take you to their respective product pages. If you want the intro to our previous pre-order announcemnt (for Axolotl, Ctulhu, Deer and Elf kigurumi onesies), you can check the last blog post just right before this one.

Fennec Kigurumi Onesie

fennec kigurumi onesie

Prepare to get sandy... in a cozy way! Slip into our Fennec Fox Kigurumi and enter a cuddly desert oasis. This outfit's like wrapping yourself in the playful vibes of a desert fox, offering hugs as warm and soft as a sandy adventure. Get set for ultimate relaxation in style and cuteness overload – it's like lounging under the desert sun, minus the sunscreen but with heaps of snuggles!

Ferret Kigurumi Onesie

ferret kigurumo onesie 

Prepare for a fluff-tastic mischief marathon in our Ferret Kigurumi! Wrap yourself in softness akin to a ferret's playful nature. Simply slip it on and get ready to wiggle, squiggle, and wreak cozy havoc with the mischievous spirit of a ferret – your comfiest partner-in-crime awaits!

Goat Kigurumi Onesie

goat kigurumi onesie

Time to jump into comfort town with our Goat Kigurumi! This fluffy cloud-with-horns attire is as cozy as it gets, with just the right amount of quirk! It's the perfect attire for goat-to-be-kidding-me comfort levels and hilarious moments that'll have you bleating with laughter! 

Midnight Cat Kigurumi Onesie

midnight cat kigurumi onesie

Get ready to cozy up in purr-fect mystery with our Midnight Cat Kigurumi! This sleek onesie is a snug-fest tailor-made for comfort-seekers with a hint of feline flair. Slip into this snazzy outfit and prepare for a wild night prowling through dreamland. You'll be the cozy ruler of the night, unleashing mischievous snooze-filled adventures with every purr and snug.

Octopus Kigurumi Onesie

octopus kigurumi onesie

Prepare for an eight-armed cuddle party with our Octopus Kigurumi! This outfit is like slipping into a cozy, huggable cephalopod costume. Get wrapped in its playful embrace and unleash your inner hugger-extraordinaire, ready to squish and squeeze. Get your tentacles on and dive into an ocean of snuggly joy – no underwater training required!

Possum Kigurumi Onesie

possum kigurumi onesie

Mayhem and shenanigans are incoming. Little tricksters and masterful escape artists, opossums are sneaky marsupials that play dead to fool you into thinking they’re roadkill.

Perfect for lounging around the house or going rogue and playing dead at your next costume party, this oversized Kigurumi is one you can’t possum-bly resist. 

Raccoon Kigurumi Onesie

raccoon kigurumi onesie

Get ready to steal the show with our Raccoon Kigurumi! This outfit screams cheeky bandit vibes, inviting you to rock that cozy, sneaky swagger with absolute style. Slip into it and prepare to unleash your inner mischief maestro in the most adorable way possible! Just a heads-up: wearing this might lead to spontaneous bouts of playful trickery and sneaky cuddles – you've been warned!

Sea Otter Kigurumi Onesie

sea otter kigurumi onesie

Prepare to ride the waves of pure snuggle-tastic joy with our Sea Otter Kigurumi! It's like being wrapped in a fluffy ocean hug, channelling the adorable vibes of these squeal-worthy water fluffs. Dive headfirst into ultimate coziness – you're about to embark on an otterly hilarious lounging adventure! Beware: extreme levels of cuteness may cause uncontrollable 'awws'.

Shark Kigurumi Onesie

shark kigurumi onesie

Prepare to turn your bathtub into a hilarious ocean epic – minus the water! This shark Kigurumi doubles as your ticket to becoming the most feared (and cuddliest) predator of the living room seas. Let your imagination swim freely in a sea with fin-tastic style!

Sheep Kigurumi Onesie

 sheep kigurumi onesie

Prepare for a 'sheep-over' like no other with our Sheep Kigurumi! It's like being enveloped in clouds of fluffiness that even sheep would envy. This adorable onesie is your ticket to a whimsical journey through a land of cuddles and comfort. 

Hurry and pre-order yours right now!