New Style Recap!


In case you missed September's New Style Week, we added five new kinds of onesies to our Kigurumi menagerie. In the ANIMALS section: the majestic Pink and Blue Unicorns, and the ultra-long-tailed Lemur! Under CHARACTERS came Spyro the Dragon (with three-fingered, semi-detachable gloves and his signature orange wings and horns) and Sulley from Monsters, Inc., ready to keep you cosy in the softest, fluffiest material yet. Seriously, it's like it's made of clouds or something.

We topped the week off by announcing our new Kids' styles, because we know how much some of you kigurumi-wearing parents want your little ones to be able to join in on the onesie party. Or maybe you're not so into the kigu look (psst, we know you're lying), but you know your kids will be! Either way, now's your chance. So far, our mini styles include Dinosaurs (super fierce!), Owls, Giraffes, Tigers, and Red Pandas. They're great for snuggling in, sleeping in, and can even fit a snowsuit underneath for outdoor winter fun! Kids' styles come in two sizes: ages 2 - 5, and ages 5 – 9.


Orange Tiger kigurumi

Anyway, now that you're up to speed on September's new looks, we've got a whole new week's worth of onesies to tell you about. Some of you had been asking about the possibility of an Orange Tiger kigurumi and we are pleased to announce that we added it to our shop this month! It's got a long, striped tiger-tail, pockets, and a bit of a grumpy face. Maybe it just hasn't had its morning cereal yet. Either way, it's impossible to feel down for long when you're wearing a tiger suit, so check him out on our website if you're curious. Grrr.

Perry the Platypus kigurumi

Next up comes Perry the Platypus, a.k.a Agent P from the animated series Phineas and Ferb. This dude is a multi-talented undercover agent-slash-housepet, doing his best to stop the evil plans of his arch-nemesis, Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz. The Perry kigurumi comes equipped with webbed mitts, an orange platypus tail, and Agent P's signature yellow and brown detective hat. This onesie is perfect for a double lifestyle - whether you're lounging around or fighting crime, you'll be looking good doing it. Platypusmobile not included. 

Zombie kigurumi


We knew we had to do something special for Hump Day, so Wednesday's new style was a shout-out to everyone slogging away at their desks, just waiting for the chance to get home, kick back, and change into some comfy PJs. The Zombie kigurumi is perfect for those of you with a fascination for all things undead, cute, warm, or all of the above - and it's not often that something meets all three of those categories! Mr. Zombie comes well-dressed in a red necktie, and the details include blood, brains, and teeth on the hood. This onesie is great for office parties (as long as your boss has a sense of humor), post-work relaxation, and for some reason, we think it might even look great in a garden. It has pockets, too!

scrump the doll kigurumi


Thursday was Scrump's day! Scrump is Lilo's handmade doll, with a too-big head and a literal belly-button, often seen being 'fixed up' by Lilo after getting torn by something or another. Our kigurumi version no longer sports the giant head (the hood is perfect for human-sized noggins), but the big ornamental button is one of the onesie's cutest features. Scrump is a light, vibrant blue with an adorable pink bow and cartoonish yellow hair. The eyes are mismatched, too, just like the real Scrump! This kigurumi is perfect for lovers of Lilo and Stitch (there's a Stitch kigurumi, too, if you're curious), but her charm is self-evident, with or without her cinematic introduction. What a cutie!

Pug kigurumi

We have something to confess to... It was us. We let the dogs out. It happened one fateful Friday in November, when our New Style Week was coming to a close, everyone waiting so patiently for the end-of-the-week reveal. And by “dogs” we mean “pugs”, and by “pugs” we mean “adult-sized, extra-cosy, supremely adorable pug onesies” but that's close enough! The Pug kigurumi is almost too precious to describe with words (tail wags and excited dog noises might work), but we'll try anyway. Some of the features of this onesie include: a little panting tongue, big, vacant-looking eyes, a corkscrew tail, and a red collar fit for an emperor. The Pug kigurumi has been sought-after for a while now so we certainly hope that this fulfills some of our customers' wishes! Woof woof!

And so concludes another chapter in our seemingly endless saga of New Styles. Thank you for reading, supporting us, and letting us know which ones are your favourites! We love hearing from you, so be sure to follow us on Facebook for updates on everything and everything Kigurumi! <3