New Style Week Day 3: The Raven

We're flying head first into New Style Week Day 3 with a very spooky bird, the Raven!

Both eerie and elegant, the Raven is one creature that has found its way into all sorts of popular media, as both prophet and sign of omen. Some know it best from Edgar Allan Poe's poem The Raven, others have heard of its mythology. However, despite its many depictions, the Raven still remains a mysterious piece, which would also explain its allure.

The Common Raven

In addition to all of this, Ravens are often confused with crows, and with good reason – at first glance, they seem entirely alike. However, there are a few key differences that will help you tell the two apart.  

  • Ravens are much larger than crows, about the size of a Red-tailed Hawk.
  • Ravens usually travel in pairs, while crows travel in larger groups.
  • Crows caw, while Ravens croak
  • Up close, Raven's beaks are more curved than that of crows
  • Ravens are some of the smartest animals!
  • Captive Ravens can learn to talk like humans, and learn to mimic other noises
  • Ravens are very playful, and have been observed using snow-covered roofs as slides. They even make toys for themselves, which is a rave animal behavior!
  • Ravens show empathy for each other
  • North American Ravens include the common raven and the chihuahuan raven (the latter being restricted to South-Western US and Mexico)

Think the Raven is for you? Cloak yourself in darkness, and become one with the Raven Kigurumi!