New Style Week Day 2: Snow Leopard

Let's prance straight into Day 2 of New Style Week with the Snow Leopard!

Not your average cool cat, the Snow Leopard is one powerful kitty always ready to take a leap of faith – in fact, its powerful hind legs allow it to leap six times the length of its body! The Snow Leopard measures between 2-5 ft in length, meaning it can leap up to 30 ft! That's amazing! This wild cat is also as beautiful as it is impressive: with icy-blue eyes and a silver spotted coat, you know the Snow Leopard is always rocking it out in style.

Snow Leopard

So where can we find the elusive kitty? In 12 countries to be exact, including China, Nepal, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Russia just to name a few. Visit cold high mountains in these areas and you might just spot one!

Unfortunately, like many wild animals, the Snow Leopard is a vulnerable species, and we humans are mostly to blame. Hunting and loss of habitat are amongst the reasons why the Snow Leopard’s population is steadily declining.  

We think it's very important to learn as much as we can about the wildlife with whom we share this earth. We’ve compiled a list of Snow Leopard facts – maybe you'll learn something new!

  • Snow Leopards are mostly solitary animals
  • They are mostly active at dawn and dusk
  • The Snow Leopard’s primary prey are the Ibex, Argali and Blue Sheep
  • Snow Leopards are actually gentle towards humans!
  • An estimated 3,500 to 7,000 Snow Leopards remain in the wild
  • The fur on a Snow Leopard’s belly is about 5 inches thick
  • The tail of a Snow Leopard is almost as long as its body
  • By the age of 2 years, a Snow Leopard cub is old enough to leave their mothers

If you wish to become one with the elusive cool cat, be sure to check out the Snow Leopard Kigurumi!