NEW STYLE WEEK: Spring 2014 NEW STYLE WEEK Spring/Summer 2014
We updated our stock of animal onesies with some new fluffy faces just in time for Spring and Summer! Here's a little introduction for those of you who missed it while it was happening.

bird kigurumi
While nobody knows where their name came from ("budgie" is short for "budgerigar"), we do know what they are: adorable! Soft and sweet, just like their songs, the Budgie kigurumi is perfect for the amateur ornithologists amongst us, or really anyone who likes cute things. This look comes in two styles, green and yellow and blue and white, so bird lovers AND lovebirds delight!

mister fox kigurumi
Got a little spring in your step? Feelin' extra foxy lately? Wear the Mr. Fox kigu, and you'll be downright dazzling. The Mr. Fox kigurumi is a little more wily-looking than its pal, the Japanese Red Fox. Pair them together and you'll outsmart even the toughest hound. It's a wild world out there... best be dressed for it!

horse kigurumi
Wednesday's New Style is strong (yet adorable), majestic (yet silly), and perfect for those of you who have an affinity for apples. Did we mention that 2014 is the Year of the Horse? Do you really need another excuse? With PJs this cute, you'll have a great reason to stay up pasture bedtime. But hay, we don't wanna get too foal of ourselves...

chipmunk kigurumi
Thursday's New Style is sure to put a big, cheeky grin on your face: the Chipmunk! Perfect for spring and frolicking in forests, the Chipmunk comes with the floofiest tail yet, a squishy face, and nature's cutest racing stripes down its back. Take a look! We aren't kidding about the tail, this thing is massive. It's wonderful.

mouse kigurumi
Friday's final style may seem meek, but it's just the thing for sneaking around your house in the middle of the night, cracking open the fridge, and eating way more cheese than could ever be healthy. Just us? Oh... Keep an eye out for the Midnight Cat with this one!

And there we have it! Did you find your perfect kigu? More are always coming, so check back!

Snugglingly yours,