RECAP: G-Anime 2014

We love participating in smaller conventions because it's so nice to watch them grow bigger year by year! G-Anime is no exception. There were over 2000 participants this time around. Congrats, guys!

Without further ado, here are our pictures from the convention!

Unicorn business as usual.

OMG, this baby Zelda is the cutest thing we've ever seen. Her mom made her a childproof costume! Cosplay kids rock.

This budgie was made for her. We love the hair!

Chun-Li, you look amazing!

Eeveelution Gijinka group! So well done! Sylveon's hair is just dreamy!

This wig defies the laws of physics, and we love it.

Rosie the Riveter looks good in a kigu!

So do these guys! D'aww, Tabby Cat and Panda make a cute pair.

 Kuroko no Basuke! Awesome!

 This No-Face was handing out chocolate coins. Serious character dedication!

This Pikachu's cheeks lit up! Soooo cute!

Princess Bubblegum pulls off Lolita garb spectacularly well!

Skyloft is a very fashionable place.

Rarity! So pretty!

Snorlax even came with a Munchlax. Way too adorable. Squish.

Sulley and Mike! The height difference is appropriate. These guys are great.

Portable TARDIS. So well done!

This cosplay was AMAZING! Almost too realistic. Spooky!

Talk about good craftsmanship on this one.

Xerneas was looking particularly majestic that weekend.

And Yvetal's wingspan is much more intimidating in person!

We don't have any Z's to conclude our post, but for more photos/infos/just because you love us, click through to the Facebook album!

Thanks for another stellar weekend, Gatineau! :3