New Styles: Short-Sleeve Gloomy Bear Kigurumi Onesie

With summer finally at its peak, it's time to pull out our Summer Kigurumis! Available now are brand new polyester-cotton Gloomy Bear short-sleeved onesies!
Pink Gloomy Bear short-sleeved kigurumi Black Gloomy Bear short-sleeved kigurumi 

And we can't forget that these come equipped with handy pockets to hold small items, or to place those grizzly paws of yours when nights begin to get a little chilly.
These onesies are sure to keep you cool and fierce, just like Mori Chack's Gloomy Bear--you know, the one that's over 6 feet tall and weighs just as much as 2000 pomegranates! Who knows, maybe you'll feel so much like him, you'll go on a rampage attacking humans! (Although you're really not supposed to.)
Pink Gloomy Bear short-sleeved kigurumi
No matter your summertime plans, whether it involves a fun beach getaway or a hiking trip to the top of the mountain for a berry-licious treat, this light and comfy Gloomy Bear onesie is a perfect fit for you!