X-Tall Kigurumis: Dino, Penguin, Giraffe!

animal kigurumi

To all the tall and mighty citizens of the world, we have a special treat for you! Now in stock are three of our favourite kigurumi styles, available in X-Tall. Yes, you've read that right. People reaching 6 feet and up now have Dinosaurs, Giraffes and Penguins designed to fit their lovable size. Of course, if you wish to have lots of extra bagginess in your onesie, those shorter than 6' can wear these as well.

Dinosaurs kigurumi

Due to this exciting development, we've renamed "one size" to "regular". Don't get too confused as these changes begin appearing across the website!

These critters are just as awesome as their smaller-sized counterparts. They are soft, warm and welcoming, as well as packed with similar features. These include handy pockets to keep claws, hooves and flippers warm, as well as buttons and a tail. 

We'd say the only difference is that these X-tall sizes pack twice the amount of fun as a regular size! How great is that?

Giraffes kigurumi