Beware of the Kigurumi that Invites a Swarm of Troubles

What is usually the first thing that you do when you see a dreaded nest of wasps? Shoot it? Carry it around? Pry it open? Apparently for the Survival Game Club, it was all of the above.

"Umm, is something up?
"The person we totally forgot to introduce since this show's first episode is coming..."

Momoka, for the very first time, saw the oddball members of the Survival Game Club looking so troubled and worried. This is especially weird for its club leader Miou, who usually emanates a calm, cool, collected, albeit oblivious aura.

As the rest of the club members explained, a storm is coming. Specifically, a bringer of storms is about to arrive.

"She's... the woman that always gives us crazy reasons to use our club's BB guns!"

... Which turned out to actually be the club's appointed advisor, Ena Sakura. She seemed to have announced her visit beforehand, and now the entire club is feeling all doomy and gloomy.

"So, may we ask what long story you have again for us in all of this, Sensei?"

Indeed, it was a storm of troubles right from the start, but that's just the beginning. According to her, the school administration has reported a wasp nest around the wooded area of the campus.

Miss Ena apparently, already had the entire club volunteer for pest control duties. This, of course, caused quite a stir for everyone. Ena only managed to calm the entire club down with the formal promise of added club funding.

bear kigurumi with her friends celebrating

"Platy, what's with those insecticide cans? BB guns are the only thing we need!"

So off to the wasp nest they went. Naturally, they brought their BB gun arsenal to the scene, fully intent on raining lead pellets to the black and yellow swarming abomination.

bear kigurumi introducing herself

"Why wear this? Because a bear is honey's worst enemy!"
"Sensei, I recommend you to study Biology with us, students, again."

But there is one tiny issue, specifically the one on that far left. On any normal occasion, wearing one would have been nice and cute. But Miss Ena, our bringer of storms, came to the scene wearing a bear kigurumi. No ma'am, these are definitely NOT your cutesy honey-making furry bees.

bear kigurumi doing a squat

"Enemy base destroyed! Now let's make sure we won't do this again in the next few minutes!"

Surprisingly, the Survival Game Club fared well against the wasps using BB guns. They defeated the frontline defense units, took the fortress down, and headed back to the club room to rake in their added funds. Or so Momoka thought.

"Momoka, we just barely made it to the seventh minute of this week's episode."

... As the regulars have expected, the bringer of storms pulls off one more surprise.

Again, with a weird combination of stubbornness and naiveté, Miss Ena actually managed to bring the entire wasp nest with her. Hoping for some honey (which a wasp nest obviously doesn't have), she breaks the nest in two with a garden trowel.

bear kigurumi holding a rock

"So, any of you want to finish this segment of the episode safely? No one? Alright then."

bear kigurumi holding a shovel

"Time to dig into that tasty honey!"

You can probably guess what happens next.

bear kigurumi upset in her action

"Sensei, what part about wasps being NOT honeybees is difficult to understand?"

Unsurprisingly (this time), the Survival Game Club is unable to deal with the extra wasps directly due to all their rounds having been wasted earlier.

"You know, if we remembered this lighter earlier..."
"Zip it, we're at the tenth minute already."

Luckily, Momoka noticed Miss Ena's lighter drop out from her bear kigurumi pocket. With some quick assistance from Platy and Miou, they scorched the swarm with a flaming spray of insecticide.

bear kigurumi sitting in front of burned house

"So, about those added funds..."

Crisis demolished at last. Including, their very own club room.

bear kigurumi smiling

"Bear-y troubling indeed!"

Miss Ena doesn't seem to be troubled at all by this since this is a comedy anime, as she was probably already smelling all the fresh Fukuzawas heading towards their club's way.

Sabagebu! -Survival Game Club- (さばげぶっ!) falls under the typical wacky-school-club-does-equally-wacky-things genre, with comedic twists and turns that can be very similar to the likes of D-Frag! (ディーふらぐ!). However, unlike other wacky club-type anime where the protagonist is usually the normal person thrown in with a bunch of oddballs, Momoka Sonokawa herself eventually turned out to be just as sleazy, or probably even more petty, than the rest of her fellow Survival Game Club members.

More than just willing to get ahead, she has demonstrated the ability to manipulate others, and to do whatever's necessary to prevent others from ever catching up. This, fortunately, does not seem to bother any of the regular members even one bit. Especially not Urara.

Seems club leader Miou really did see her real potential for the show, after all.